Citibank Case Analysis

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Citibank was founded in 1812 as the City Bank of New York, later First National City Bank of New York. Citibank is one of the world’s largest retail banks. Citibank is the consumer division of financial services multinational Citigroup and is a global bank with 3,777 branch locations in 36 countries. The United States is the largest single market with approximately 26% of branches which generating 51% of revenues. Citibank's 983 North American branches are concentrated in major metropolitan areas including New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Miami, Boston, Houston, and Dallas. Latin America markets make up 25% of revenues, Asia 20%, and Europe / Middle East / Africa 4%.
Around the world, Citi provides
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Citibank provides an online service that specific arrangements are made possibly by the FWS program including flex time, remote work, compressed workweek and job sharing between two employees, part-time or reduce schedule and leave of absence. For example, job sharing is a structured form of part-time work, with various models. A 50:50 split is common but not the only option. Some employers find it best that workers from the same department have a least one shift in common so they can share information and brief each other on current tasks and issues. FWS can also schedule work across longer portions of the day. This enables them to continue cover other staff coverage by one employee while another is away. Hence, this will keep valued staff for those have other life commitments or interests. FWS allow employees ability to schedule work during quiet times to accomplish the goals more …show more content…
This is said Citibank will only judge employees’ performance and capabilities and nothing else in promoting them to higher position .This practice can be improved by applying a new rule which called prohibited discrimination so that their employees can be protected under this law. Besides that, BYOD program by Citibank enable employee to use their own preferred devices to access enterprise data and systems. This would enable employee to be more innovative and being more productive. Citibank should provide subsidies to employee so they can buy more up-to-date devices. Other than that, Citibank does provide CitiKids Care Centre, the childcare facilities for employees with young children in its corporate commitment towards creating a family-friendly work environment. CitiKids Care Centre would be the ideal solution to all young professional adults concern about their young children. Citibank should set up more centres in differences areas around the country. Flexible Working Strategies (FWS) by Citibank also enable its employees and managers to think of different ways to improve efficiency of work. This would allow employees to have better control on other commitments or interests other than work. Citibank should arrange their workers from the same department have a least one shift in common. Last but not least, Citibank’s

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