Citizenship of the European Union

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  • Euroculture: Political And Legal Perspectives

    or a federation and it is difficult to classify. So are the questions whether the Union has attributes of each, and if yes, what are them. The democracy, in the modern times, is a fundamental part of the state functioning and is necessary for the public to involve themselves in the political decision-making. As EU is not a state nor has it a definable demos, can it be measured against other existing forms of "Liberal Democracies"?1. There is an assured sense of EU 's remoteness from the private lives in this question. But on the contrary, EU is heavily active in the daily-life of its citizens and on their…

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  • Britain's Greatest Mistake Essay

    Britain has been a longtime member of the European Union, and it’s hard to imagine the European Union without them, as Britain has been a member ever since 1973, although from time to time they considered and tried to leave the union. Brexit is Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. However, the official action of withdrawing happens when Article 50 is activated (and it hasn’t…

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  • Arctic Analysis

    How do you identify yourself when you meet someone? After introducing yourself by name, do you continue by saying where you are from? For example, in a Vancouver context, would you say that you are from Canada or the Pacific Northwest? This paper investigates the degree of global politics influenced by regional institutions more than national alliances and entities. This paper will argue that to a large extent the world is transitioning from a nation based world to a regional world using three…

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  • European Union Persuasive Essay

    The European Union is one of the more perplexing creations that emerged from the aftermath of World War II. This is due to the fact that the EU developed as the natural result of an economic project rather than from deliberate intent to construct a “United States of Europe.” European leaders were focused on establishing the euro system, which was a “generations-long effort to bring peace, democracy and shared prosperity to a once and frequently war-torn continent…[an integrated economy] would…

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  • Neo Functionalism Essay

    Neo functionalism is linked with the governmental and monetary goals and also assimilation tactics of the founders of European coal and steel community. Back then one of the founders named jean Monnet believed that in achieving integration in one segment of common procedure among independent states will ultimately lead to a spill over in other policy areas. Neo functionalism was used to expound the ways of the process of integration in Europe. One of the main focuses was to create a political…

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  • Complications Of Corporate Social Responsibility

    The public’s increasing concern for social issues, such as sustainability, has resulted in the adoption of corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies by companies worldwide. CSR has become an integral part of today’s business environment. Despite the growing trend towards the implementation of CSR, the United States seems to be lagging behind other countries, such as the United Kingdom and those in the European Union, in the depth and impact of their CSR commitments and actions. This gap…

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  • Gap Between Rhetoric And Reality In Migration

    Why do politicians break their promises on migration? Since 1994 immigration control has risen to the centre of electoral campaigns across European countries, giving salience to the growing discontinuity between public opinion and policy (Lahav and Guiraudon: 2006). I propose a research project which combines theoretical and methodological approaches to research, integrating qualitative data to build a stronger understanding of why politicians break their promises on migration. The gap between…

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  • Rohingya Crisis Case Study

    In Document A, Charles Santiago, Chair of Asean Parliament for Human Rights, views that the Rohingya refugee crisis issue is no longer a Burma issue, but a regional issue, and claims that the problem had started with the Burma government refusing to give citizenship to the Rohingya, so the long-term strategy would be for ASEAN to pressurize Burma to make changes to the lives of the Rohingya, while the short-term strategy will only be for the countries, which are mainly Thailand, Malaysia and…

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  • Europeanization And European Identity

    Europeanization refers to adoption and spreading of European cultures, ideas, policies and economies. It could also refer to the institutionalization of European symbols and icons. European identity formation and citizenship building are being attained through Europeanization. One issue related to this process is identifying whether there really is Europe. There is no document directly stating what Europe is and which states are parts of it. Not knowing the boundaries and not having a concrete…

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  • Essay On European Refugee Crisis

    The European refugee crisis is the first migration crisis of the 21st century. One of the primary causes why Europe is dealing with a staggering influx of migrants is due to the increase of violence in the refugee’s countries. Ever since the division of the Ottoman Empire, conflicts in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa have become common. A certain hatred and rivalry lives and thrives in this region of the world and can clearly be felt throughout the differences among their populations and…

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