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  • Political Science Application Essay

    Thank you for providing me the space to explain why I want to pursue my PhD in Political Science. In this brief statement I will explain my major research interests, why I believe those areas are both academically and politically significant, and why I would like to attend your program. In my graduate studies I would like to pursue research on the role and influence of ancient political thought on early modern political thought and how that has shaped our contemporary political context. I am interested both in how the ideas of ancient philosophy influenced the development of political thought in the west and in how the idea of the ancients was used by thinkers to develop their own political programs. In the vast topic of ancient and early modern…

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  • Importance Of My Love For Political Science

    power. Nowadays, even though my life had changed a couple of times, the desire is still alive. I can say that my hobby, my passion and my desires for a better society had combined in order to shape my love for political science. When I was a little girl, I used to love watching TV. My favorites TV channels were discovery and history because since I have always been interested in topics such as history,…

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  • Behavioral Approach To Political Science

    Behavioral Science and its Approach to Political Science In a thorough analysis and dissection of behavioral science, Dr. Robert Dahl explores the history of behavioral science and the men behind its design and ingenuity. While exploring its history Dahl takes on the task of critically analyzing what behavioral science was, is, and could be and how the new social science will make itself indispensable to the political arena. In his piece titled The Behavioral Approach in Political Science, Dahl…

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  • Political Science Class Analysis

    Being a student of political science it can sometimes be challenging to explain to others what it means, not everyone can understand a wordy and complicated definition but early in my educational career I was able to understand and break it down into only a few words. The first political science class I took would impact me far greater than I thought, the professor paraphrased Dr. Harold Laswell’s definition “Politics is who gets what, when and how.” Those few simple words continue to be how I…

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  • Importance Of Purpose In Economics And Political Science

    perceiving information in an interdisciplinary manner. Thus, the necessity to choose one or two majors imposed a challenge. Studying at a liberal arts college reassured me in the idea that the fields I was primarily interested in – Economics and Political Science – are not isolated or restrictive. Both are based on a premise that there is a perpetual need to observe human behaviour in order to draw informed and sound conclusions about the world we live in. Whether it is by trying to quantify the…

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  • The Differences And Similarities Between Sociology And Political Science

    Nature of political science as a discipline has transformed and changed over a period of time. The change from politics to political systems, government to governance and political reasons to social determinants took place over the period of time. This transformation in political science did not occur in isolation from society. The changes in contemporary globalised and interconnected world essentially reflected in the changes in scope and nature of the discipline. Political science is not only…

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  • Political Science In Karl Popper's Clouds Clocks, And The Study Of Politics

    Political science is a study attempting to understand human behavior as it relates to politics. As such, political science, like any science, requires hypotheses, testable objectives to try and narrow down the large scope that is the global politic scene. Nonetheless, as human behavior forms the basis of political science, it can be inherently difficult to quantify. This begs the question as to whether or not political science can be considered a hard, quantifiable science—one based on…

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  • The Importance Of Political Science

    Woodrow Wilson once said, “The method of political science is the interpretation of life; its instrument is insight, a nice understanding of subtle, unformulated conditions.” This quote by Wilson explains that political science allows one to better understand and define valuable issues in the world as they question the political behavior of others. Throughout, the semester we have studied three comparative approaches used in political science in order to gain knowledge about the great issues of…

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  • Importance Of Education In Political Science

    Within these “merging” economies and globalization it is vital to discern and comprehend what appears as extraneous forces that affect the medical community as a whole. How in order to attain "progress", underdeveloped nation’s systems (in particular health systems) suffers for the superficial portrayal of politically development. In addition, how availability and healthcare for the poor in developed nations are subjective to current political temperament. Medicine and disease are not localized…

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  • Political Science Case Study

    there still is some hindrances between these two fields. Political science still is wanting to concern itself with the behavior and the processes of the creation of the policies; the legal field still continues to only worry that the law is, and are only concerned with the particular facts behind each cases. However, in certain the academic fields, are beginning to cross over in their studies. Law can contribute to political science many ideas and concepts that are not considered in political…

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