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  • Political System In China

    Introduction Political system is an important factor which determines the performance of transnational company. Different countries have their different local political institutions. When companies enter a country, they must invest in and seek to gain the organizational legitimacy, at the same time, they also need to consider the societal embeddedness of companies in the institutional context. To some degree, the level of embeddedness determines whether retailers can be accepted by local citizens. Therefore, when they enter a new market, they need to consider whether they are suitable for the institution. Studying the political system will bring benefits to companies on decision making, for example, the timing and mode of market entry. Once the mode of entry or the marketing strategy is inappropriate, with the decreasing of recognition, the companies may be forced to withdraw from the market. Therefore, it is important and naccessary for transnational companies to study the political system of particular country. The purpose of this paper is aimed at helping people who are willing to invest in China to understand more about China’s political and business situations. Political System Constitutes of China We…

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  • Two Types Of A Centralized Political System And Uncentralized Political Systems

    societies need a way to organise themselves so that they are able to thrive and have some sort of social order. Having some sort of political organization is way to bring about the social order that is needed in order for a society to thrive. This essay will focus on two types of political organization; uncentralized political systems and centralised political systems. The centralized political system is one which has been most commonly relied on throughout the world and so the question of how…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of China's Political System

    organization in the management system, but also the core of the whole management system. Government social management is the primary goal of social justice. “China is a one-party state; the Chinese Communist Party is the ruling party. The people 's Congress system…

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  • Use Of The Ideal Political System In Plato's Republic

    characters, like Socrates. Plato uses the Republic to talk about the ideal political system, which in this case is an aristocracy, and why he believes it to be the best. Plato believes that an ideal society comes from a structured political body. This consists of three main classes of people: people who produce such as farmers or artisans, warriors, and rulers. The society is correct when those three classes have proper relations. Each class must perform its own task, and only that task, and it…

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  • Comparing The Political System In Ancient Greece And Rome

    States, empires, and civilizations are all important in order to understand human history. They shaped the world during their reign, but they also helped shape the future. The states of ancient Greece, the Chinese Empire, the Roman Empire, and the Indian Empire all contained their own political structures. These political structures enabled the possibility to create and establish rulers who led their nations with different political systems. In Athens Greece, a popular form of political system…

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  • New Political Governance In Westminster System Case Study

    Aucoin, P. (2012). New Political Governance in Westminster Systems: Impartial Public Administration and Management Performance at Risk. Governance, 177-199. This article analyzes the increasing political pressures in four parliamentary systems, which include Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand. It looks at pressures from mass media, transparency in the government, more in depth audits, increased political competition and political restrictions in the electorate. The article then…

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  • Political System

    Which political system is better for a country? Each country have different needs, cultures, history, strengths and weaknesses to take into account in order to find the appropriate system. The aftermath of war in Iraq, when talking about politics, was focused on asserting control over the country, the next step in order to rebuild the country is establishing a representational system, the majority believe that democracy is the system to follow, since a democracy is not a unknown concept for…

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  • The Effect Of Single Party Dominance On Malaysia And Singapore's Political System

    Asian Democracy: The Effect of Single Party Dominance on Malaysia and Singapore’s Political System In our current political landscape, most democracies achieve political legitimacy from a popular belief in an effective government. This relationship between legitimacy and democracy lies in the acknowledgement of key democratic features like representative elections, a multi-party system, citizen rule, limitations on lawmakers, respect for minority rights, etc. However, in today’s international…

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  • Weimar Political System

    How stable was the political system of the German Democratic Republic between 1949 and 1969? From its inception on October 7th 1949 the German Democratic Republic (‘GDR’) was to last 40 years – longer than the Third Reich and the Weimar Republic and not far short of the Second Reich of Hohenzollern Germany. This would imply a political system with a good degree of stability. As Fulbrook observes, the GDR was ‘long noted for its apparent stability, efficiency and political quiescence’ under the…

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  • Chinese Political System

    features are inherited. One of the biggest differences is that the feudal political system is greatly different from today’s separation of powers. The way to maintain the balance in politics has a vast change that the government leaders (the Emperor, the President, or the Chief Executive) of the state no longer enjoy the superior status. In ancient China, the powers of the emperors come from the ‘Heaven of Mandate’, as mentioned in the chapters. That is to say, they are with the support of the…

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