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  • Equal Right In A Pluralistic Society

    the equal right is a big motivation for the social development, many people committed to do some meaningful and useful work to push the development of the equal right movement including the politicians. Almost every politician claims that their goals are make every member in this society can be treated equality however the funny thing is most of their declarations will not be complied and this is the real situation for now. Jelani Cobb points out this real situation in “The Matter of Black Lives”, she recalls the history of the Black Lives Matter movement…

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  • Is America Ready For An Outsider Analysis

    Elections have been a part of deciding the President in the United States since John Adams was elected President in 1796. Elections have become a routine process repeated every four years; where politicians debate their way into becoming are next President. But if you take a look at the current election cycle you would be a little confused. In the 2016 Presidential race there are three candidates that are not even politicians in the campaign. And on top of them being in the race they are all…

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  • Machiavelli The Qualities Of The Prince Analysis

    In addition to the importance of a leader to have a good reputation, it is also important for him to appeal to what citizens want to hear. As a result, for example, many politicians will avoid presenting their opinions on controversial issues that might lose some of their supporters. In addition, its not uncommon for a president to promise changes that are not carried out during his presidency. As we can see, deception is still highly used today by politicians. Many citizens would rather hear…

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  • Social Media And Politics

    Social media has grown exponentially during the last years. Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks are now the main source of where people get their news. Politicians take advantage of the new technology and use it in their favor for campaigning. In the 2012 election between Obama and Mitt Romney, Obama had a lead in digital activity. According to Pew Research Center, “Obama campaign published 614 posts during the two weeks examined compared with 168 for Romney.” Obama’s campaigned…

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  • Essay On Political Schism

    partly due to the past when presidents and other politicians tried to polarize the parties even more, which meant chasing out moderates of both parties. This loss has left them more black and white, and that has lead to the deadlock in congress. Both sides have contributed to the fall with their ideology and policies. The impact on the United States can be seen with the corruption, economy and social inequality, incarceration, and the nation’s children. Corruption is one of the oldest forms…

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  • Lobbyism Pros And Cons

    quality of life amongst us. When profits of industries are increased by millions, regulations have been slowed by lobbying from industries. For example, despite evidence that chemicals extracted from coal, oil, and gas and coming from tobacco are toxic to humans and animals, can pollute groundwater, and sometimes even cause earthquakes, there is a lack of disclosure as to what chemicals are being released into our environment. Due to these loopholes provided by corporate lobbyists, it poses…

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  • Television's Influence On Presidential Elections

    be false, they kinda just come to conclusion that they know them as people and “hence no longer feel the need for party guidance.” Politicians running for elections are not taken as seriously as they should; they are looked upon as celebrities than politicians. They should judge them towards their ideas and opinions and their improvements on the country they will bring. People running for elections are taken childishly but they should be concerned because that person running might actually win…

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  • Sexism In Politics

    their rhetoric and communication. Despite the strong sexism in politics, female presidential candidates should use their femininity as an asset to their campaign strategy. While there has been a recent increase of female politicians, these women face extreme difficulties during their campaigns.…

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  • George Orwell's Use Of Language

    definite right or wrong, a language becomes a foundation of a country by giving it an identity of the individuals living in it. Language, in another way, molds a nation by the words expressed as they often have the ability to shape politics. The Institute for Propaganda analysis identifies a few key techniques that rhetoricians and politicians use to persuade an audience. Name calling, Plan folk, and glittering generalities are all techniques used by politicians, in particular, to help sway the…

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  • Primary Colors Film Analysis

    Throughout the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s there seems to be very consistent themes regarding how the respective decades viewed politicians, their campaigning, and most of all their behavior and actions while doing so. Every single main character in the four movies has at least one obvious affair, being the most consistent scandal throughout four decades of political campaign films. This is very telling of how the American people view politicians, and especially view their personal lives. The…

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