Lobbyism Pros And Cons

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People in society are the priorities. Our opinions and rights must be kept in order to fulfill America’s law of natural rights. It is vital to choose the appropriate and most compatible people to hold power in office within the United States government. There are several ways in which people can convince political leaders to enact legislations that would benefit them. One way in which society can go about doing so is through the act of lobbying. Lobbying is a popular method and that is still being used to this day.
Lobbying means persuading individuals or groups with decision-making power to support a position you believe is right. A person who does the lobbying is called a lobbyist. A lobbyist is an activist who seeks to persuade members
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Tax cutting also results in a decrease in regulations. Regulations are enforced to carry out the purpose of a legislation. In this case, social welfare. It is important to provide assistance to individuals and the environment in order to provide a healthy and safe environment.. However, tax cuts hinder the quality of life amongst us. When profits of industries are increased by millions, regulations have been slowed by lobbying from industries. For example, despite evidence that chemicals extracted from coal, oil, and gas and coming from tobacco are toxic to humans and animals, can pollute groundwater, and sometimes even cause earthquakes, there is a lack of disclosure as to what chemicals are being released into our environment. Due to these loopholes provided by corporate lobbyists, it poses great harm to society as a whole. Regulations which could benefit society are not passed, causing people to needlessly suffer from avoidable injuries such as toxic chemical exposure. The influence of corporate lobbying on politicians are beyond negative. Corporate lobbyists and politicians are only concerned about money as their main factor rather than using their efforts to help protect the well-being of individuals and the

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