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  • Climate Change: Indonesia's Collapse Model

    Given the above issues and based upon an analogy by Diamond of a two-horse race between the likelihood of collapse and a positive solution, this essay will argue that Indonesia is at the risk of collapse. This argument is built on there being no change in both government and citizen’s behaviour and related to factors such as, deforestation, overpopulation and rise of sea level. To begin with, deforestation is arguably the biggest problem that Indonesia is encountering. It is the hardest one to solve since it is related to Indonesia’s national income. According to FAO State of the Forest, in 2011 Indonesia ranks the second country with biggest tropical deforestation. Nevertheless of this fact some people argue that deforestation is inevitable since Indonesia needs the land to expand palm oil plantations, which is the top export commodity for Indonesia in 2011 (Ministry of Trade & Ministry of Industry). However, this argument is somewhat questionable since deforestation that has been caused by the expansion of palm oil plantations has actually…

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  • The Manifestations Of Resistance To Change In The Bpjs: Case Study

    insurance, will apply in July 2015 and 2029. Changes in the social security system in Indonesia cover all aspects of the organisation, like institutional changes, the establishment of a new task at each institution, and modify the business process. Refer to the ‘PEST Factors’ approach in analysing change in the SJSN, this study has found that the factor that driven the changes in the SJSN is political…

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  • Case Study Of Sumatera Forest Fires

    1.1 Case Study Sumatera has one of the largest rain forests in Indonesia as well as in South East Asia. Sumatera Forest basically has peat soil type that caused easier to burn. Estimated between 7.3 to 9.7 hectares are covered by peat lands or roughly a quarter of the entire area of peat lands in the tropics (Hisyam, Damanik, Anwar, 1984). Sumatera Forest Fires are the one of the serious problem in Indonesia. It happened almost every year. However, some of the biggest were happening in 1982,…

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  • My Motivation For Pursuing A Ph.d

    My motivation for pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science at UC San Diego (UCSD) emanates from my lifelong goal to be a leading scholar in the fields of International Relations and Comparative Politics, teaching and conducting research at a major research university. UCSD’s Department of Political Science’s model of cross-disciplinary work, ethos on close mentoring and supervision, emphasis on methodology and multivariate analysis, wealth of world-class faculty across subfields, combined with the…

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  • 5.7 Foreign Policy Under Susilo Bambang Ydhoyon Case Study

    Susilo Bambang Yudhoyon (SBY) was the sixth president of Indonesia after Megawati Sukarnoputri. SBY was the Indonesia military office, political and government official who was the first popularly elected president of Indonesia since 2004 till 2014. After Indonesia strengthen domestic politics and reaffirmed its role in international affairs in 2004, “Indonesia managed to hold direct presidential elections and general elections in 2004, created a new Constitutional Court, and conducted…

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  • Suriname Research Paper

    What are the major ethnic groups in Suriname? The largest ethnic group in Suriname is Hindustani, which is an immigrant from India who migrated north in the 19th century. The number of Hindustani as much as 37% of the population, the second largest ethnic group in the country namely Creole community (31%), then Java (15%), Maroon (10%), and Amerindian (2%). What is the official language of Suriname? The official language of Suriname is the Netherlands, Suriname is the only country in the area…

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  • Health Care In Japan Essay

    Japan is a nation, which consists of four islands and four thousand small islands situated in the Pacific Ocean. The four major islands are Kyushu, Shikoku, Honshu and Hokkaido. Japan’s population surpasses one hundred and twenty seven million, which makes it one of the largest populations in the world. The capital city, Tokyo constitutes a population of thirty million making it the biggest urban area in the world. Japan has the third largest economy in the world and the third lowest mortality…

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  • Minkabau Wedding Analysis

    Baralek Gadang - Traditional Wedding Procession of Minangkabau Indonesia is acknowledged for its cultural and ethnic diversity. This diversity became one of Indonesia's attractiveness in the eyes of the world. One part of Indonesian culture is the traditional wedding party. All elements of the wedding procession started from the customary fashion, wedding decorations, to the procedures for meaningful tradition, offers its own uniqueness. As one of the tribes with the largest population in…

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  • Analysis Of The Ceram Creation Myth

    The myth that I chose, researched, and presented was The Ceram Creation Myth. This myth originated from the Molucca Islands in Eastern Indonesia. It expresses the belief of fertility, or life from death. The Ceram Creation Myth is very unique and can be seen as different from other myths. After studying it, I have noticed that this myth has a divergent storyline than most. As written by Karen Armstrong, “...mythology is an art form that points beyond history…”(“What is a Myth?”, page 7) Thus,…

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  • Indonesia Swot Analysis Essay

    Swot Analysis of Indonesia as a Destination for FDI: Strengths: • Geographically speaking, Indonesia lies in the strategic location through which the world trade transits, i.e. near straits of Malacca that link Indonesian ocean littoral to the South China Sea and the larger Pacific Ocean. If developed, can become a major transit hub in the world. • Country is rich in natural resources like coal, minerals like tin, gold, copper, nickel and bauxite, oil & gas and fertile land to support…

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