Suriname Research Paper

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What are the major ethnic groups in Suriname?

The largest ethnic group in Suriname is Hindustani, which is an immigrant from India who migrated north in the 19th century. The number of Hindustani as much as 37% of the population, the second largest ethnic group in the country namely Creole community (31%), then Java (15%), Maroon (10%), and Amerindian (2%).

What is the official language of Suriname?

The official language of Suriname is the Netherlands, Suriname is the only country in the area of official languages in the form of American language of the Netherlands. The country became a member of the Association of the Netherlands Language Union in 2004. In addition to the language of the Netherlands, the country has many regional languages, such
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Cathedral of St Peter and Paul the aged 114 years, the Cathedral was formerly the theater building was then converted into a cathedral.

What is the favorite sport of this country?

Football is the main sport played in this country. Some of the famous i.e. Netherlands player Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard, and Nigel de Jong descended from Suriname.

How the State of nature in Suriname?

80% of Suriname is tropical rain forest, this led to most of the country Suriname has become a nature reserve. Some of the species that can be seen in the nature reserve that is like the Howler monkeys, Toucans and Jaguar.

How is the climate in Suriname?

Suriname has a tropical climate with the wind. Suriname is tropical countries that are very hot and humid as it is located near the equator.

What are the festival celebrations in suriname?

With a variety of cultures in Suriname, festivals and celebrations that are often done that is New Years Eve, Holi Phagwa, Easter, labor day, the day of the arrival of India, Keti Koti, day of arrival, Day of indigenous peoples, independence day, Christmas, Boxing Day, and much

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