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  • Swot Analysis Of Indonesia

    Population Demographics Indonesia is a series of volcanic islands situated between the Indian and Pacific oceans, with a population of 253 million people it is the largest country in Southeast Asia. Their most prominent religion is Islam, with 87% of its population practicing Muslims they are the most populous Muslim-majority country in the world (Dolven). Indonesia has great strength in international trade because the country has access to main sea lines. This accounts for the wide variety of ethnic groups and over 725 languages spoken in Indonesia. There are many languages used specific to different regions of the country, but the official language is Bahasa Indonesia. (“Language”, para 3). Bahasa Indonesia became the standardized Indonesian…

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  • Reasons To Visit Indonesia Essay

    Indonesia is a biggest archipelago country in the world which has more than 17.000 islands . It is a place for distinct tribe and linguistic groups, a gigantic range of flora and fauna and wonderful natural landscapes. Indonesia also is a country of fourth longest beach line in the world , Indonesia perhaps has so many reasons for you to visit, but presented here are three of many reasons why you have to make a plan in your life to visit Indonesia. One of the best ways to enjoy our vacation is…

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  • Indonesia Swot Analysis Essay

    Swot Analysis of Indonesia as a Destination for FDI: Strengths: • Geographically speaking, Indonesia lies in the strategic location through which the world trade transits, i.e. near straits of Malacca that link Indonesian ocean littoral to the South China Sea and the larger Pacific Ocean. If developed, can become a major transit hub in the world. • Country is rich in natural resources like coal, minerals like tin, gold, copper, nickel and bauxite, oil & gas and fertile land to support…

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  • Importance Of Tourism Indonesia

    Travel and tourism is an important economic activity in most countries around the world. Indonesia is one of the world’s most remarkable geographical areas where the various natural and cultural resources offer major tourism attractions. Basically, the Southeast Asian Country of Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 tropical and volcanic islands that straddle the equator between the Indian and pacific oceans. Indonesia is a home to more than 300 ethnic groups with approximately 500 spoken…

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  • Analysis: The Republic Of Indonesia

    The Republic of Indonesia is a country located in Southeast Asia near the equator. Indonesia is known as the largest archipelagic nation because it has a total of 17,508 islands. Indonesia is also known for the fourth most populous country in the world with a total population of more than 238 million(“Basic Facts”). The GDP of Indonesia in 2015 was $859 billion where United States has $17.95 trillion(CIA). That shows that Indonesia is still a developing country. Indonesia is rich in natural…

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  • The Importance Of Peat Forest In Indonesia

    Nowadays, forest performs a significant role our daily life. One of them is peat land forest. Peat land can be found in almost every country in the world. In Southeast Asia there are 27 million hectares of peat lands, of which 83% is located in Indonesia (Wetlands International, 2014). According to Wetlands International, (2014, p. 1) “Peat land is wetlands with a thick organic soil layer (peat) made up from dead and decaying plant material”. However, despite the fact that peat land has an…

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  • Islamic Inheritance Law In Indonesia

    In all Indonesia, perhaps no legal issue is more confused, more likely to excite intricate and lively debate among legal professionals and political activists both, than inheritance. This statement, however, was not enough to describe the complicated and complex issue of inheritance in Indonesia. The inheritance affair in Indonesia not only implicated legal professionals, activist, and academics, it also positioning itself as the fundamental of religion consciousness for the larger mass of…

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  • Indonesia Cultural Analysis

    Indonesia is part of Southern Asia culture cluster which holds values in strong family connections and a deep concern for their communities. (West,2016) Provided is a picture that shows the overall cluster’s societal practices and values. “For the overall cluster’s societal practices are high on group collectivism (5.87), power distance (5.39), and humane orientation (4.72) and low on gender egalitarianism (3.28). The other cultural dimensions are rated in the mid-range, around an average of 4.…

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  • The Impact Of Dutch Colonization On Indonesia

    69 years had passed, but not forgotten, the time of the Dutch Colonization. After a terrorizing 347 years, Indonesia is finally free. Free, but affected. Dutch had left an imprint in Indonesia in so many ways you can't even imagine. The tactics of the Dutch on taking over Indonesia were very intelligent and the impacts it had made in Indonesia both intellectually and economically were very drastic. To discuss in-depth about the thesis above, the following topics would be explained in the…

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  • The Importance Of Health Services In Indonesia

    Introduction The newly launched Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations Member States put much emphasis on universal health coverage at all levels of health care delivery (1). However, ensuring that health services are accessible to the geographically hard to reach groups remain a critical challenge for most countries. Health services in most UN member states have to contend with extensively large geographical distances, impassable roads as well as completely isolated islands…

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