The Importance Of Peat Forest In Indonesia

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Nowadays, forest performs a significant role our daily life. One of them is peat land forest. Peat land can be found in almost every country in the world. In Southeast Asia there are 27 million hectares of peat lands, of which 83% is located in Indonesia (Wetlands International, 2014). According to Wetlands International, (2014, p. 1) “Peat land is wetlands with a thick organic soil layer (peat) made up from dead and decaying plant material”. However, despite the fact that peat land has an important role in the biosphere, peat land is also one of the most flammable forests in the world. Currently, the worst peat land fire is unfolding in Indonesia. This problem is far from over, with nearly 120.000 active fires detected (Plumer, 2015). Hence, …show more content…
Tropical peat land forests are home to thousand plant and several endangered species such as Sumatran Tiger and Orangutan. As yet, million of people in Sumatera and Kalimantan are also relying on peat lands. For people, peat land is source of life for local inhabitants. People use peat lands to improve local economic situation by fishing and agricultural. The other reason is because peat land contains 90% of water, which has function as water storage and water supply for people that living in surrounding areas. Moreover, peat land also has a function for flood absorbers and prevention sea …show more content…
Human Activities Modifying the Peat Land

The clearing of Indonesian peat land for palm oil is leading to huge environmental problem. Deforestation by small farmers and large plantation owners clear rainforests for agriculture and oil palm plantations. Global demand of palm oil is rising rapidly, (Chachavalpongpun, 2013). There are high demands of palm oil from businesses outside the country. The oil is used to produce commodities for our daily life like palm oil, a popular ingredient in processed foods, shampoo and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other industrial product

Currently, Indonesia is the world’s top exporter of palm oil after replaced Malaysia in 2008. Every year, Indonesia could produces up to 25 million tons of palm oil (Chachavalpongpun, 2013)

3.2.3. Lack of Law

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