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  • The Importance Of Peat Forest In Indonesia

    endangered species such as Sumatran Tiger and Orangutan. As yet, million of people in Sumatera and Kalimantan are also relying on peat lands. For people, peat land is source of life for local inhabitants. People use peat lands to improve local economic situation by fishing and agricultural. The other reason is because peat land contains 90% of water, which has function as water storage and water supply for people that living in surrounding areas. Moreover, peat land also has a function for flood absorbers and prevention sea intrusion. Forest fires have become a major environmental issue in Indonesia. Fire burns Indonesia peat land forest in almost every year during dry season. In July 2014, fire started burning western Sumatera and Kalimantan (Borneo). Based on Plumer, 2015, “The fires might only last for a week or two, but this year, they have lasted almost two months”. President Joko Widodo has deployed 30 aircraft and 22,000 troops to fight the fires on the ground, but the fire has not been stop. Other countries such as Singapore, Australia and Russia have been helping Indonesia to stop the fire, but it seems to be failed. 3.2. The Causes of Peat Land Fire 3.2.1. El Niño weather extremes Even though in the past two months Indonesia suffered by the forest fires, but actually this issue is not a current problem that facing Indonesia. Areas of peat land forest have been burned in Indonesia for decades, which have been linked with the El Niño. Since 1997, El Niño brought…

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  • Borneo Lowland Rainforest Case Study

    The Borneo Lowland Rainforest is one of the richest forests in the world, it is an ecoregion within the tropical and subtropical regions of the island. The rainforest is located in Southeast Asia and runs through parts of Malaysia and Indonesia, the region has no clear boundaries to separate it from the Borneo Mountain Rainforest. The Lowland Rainforest takes up around 57% of the island territory consisted of an estimated 10,000 plant species, 380 bird species, and 15,000 mammal species. The…

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  • Rizal Case Study

    to the agrarian conflict in Calamba. Paciano (Rizal’s older brother) and his brothers-in-law Antonio Lopez and Silvestre Ubaldo were deported to Mindoro, while Manuel T. Hidalgo, another brother-in-law, was banished, for the second time, to the island of Bohol. The agrarian problem in Calamba that worsened in 1887 until it caused the dispossession of the tenants of their land in 1890 had encouraged Rizal to establish a Filipino settlement in the island of Borneo, which was at the time under the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tourism In Malaysia

    part of the Borneo archipelago, the country will allure you with the shopping experience of its modern cities, the splendour of its cultural arts and natural heritage of rich flora and fauna! A crash guide for tourists visiting Malaysia Malaysia is a very vibrant and pleasant country to visit. Apart from being a wealthy nation, it has people from different religions and cultures co-existing as one on this beautiful land. Though the predominant religion here is Islam…

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  • Ethnicity In Salaysia Essay

    Malaysia has two states on the island of Borneo, known as Sabah and Sarawak which well known as Land Below the Wind and Land of Hornbills. According to Bujang (2002), a lot of ethnics group is one of uniqueness of Sabah and Sarawak. Basically, do you ever know the ethnics in Borneo? Abraham (1999) states that ‘ethnicity is seen as crucial in understanding the functioning of most contemporary societies including multi-cultural societies in Malaysia. In Sarawak, the Ibans is an indigenous tribe in…

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  • Elephant Autobiography

    the fourteen elephants were dead. The herd moved on with a new bull replacing my father as their leader. I stayed on snuggling close to mother for many days, sometimes prodding her with my trunk hoping for her to wake up. It must be a shocking sight for those rangers of the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve when they found me about four weeks later with carcasses all around me. It was a pitiful sight with me still trying in vain to wake mother up. The plantation workers had killed the elephants by…

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  • DDT Argumentative Essay

    All around the world, DDT is creating harmful effects against both humans and the environment. For many years, DDT has been used to control malaria by killing mosquitos in certain countries. However, DDT should not be used to fight malaria because it can damage many ecosystems and harm people in the long run. DDT is not only harmful to the environment, but is harmful to humans and animals. The most important example of DDT hurting an ecosystem is the case of malaria in Borneo. In the 1950s, the…

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  • Chapter Summary Of Alfred Wallace's Into The Jungle

    However, there were different species of birds in Bali, Borneo, and the western islands of the archipelago compared to Lombok, New Guinea, and the eastern islands. On the western islands, there were white cockatoos, different species of honeysuckers and even megapods. On the eastern islands, there were woodpeckers, weavers, starlings and many other birds that were not present on the western islands. Even though both regions had different types of birds, the area shows the great population of…

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  • WARREGO: Minesweeping

    make his run on the landing day, and he did a very gallant job. The Warrego 's task was to mark the beach lanes with buoys, so that the assault craft could see to make their runs in the early morning. For three days, their group was under fire. They saw the attack on H.M.A.S. Australia, two days before the landing at Zamboanga, said Lieut. Byrne. The Warrego was the only Australian craft present detailed to test the area and find suitable anchorages. After serving in the Philippines area and…

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  • African Elephant Research Paper

    First, I want to start off with the African elephant because it's my favorite and the most well known kind of elephant. The African elephant weighs up to 17,600 pounds (8000 kg) and stands 11ft (3.5m) tall! Next, there is the Asian elephant. It can run up to 25 mph when they are frightened or threatened. The 3rd elephant is the African Bush elephant. This kind of elephant can live up to 60 to 70 years! Most scientist call the…

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