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  • Assyrian Art Analysis

    Innumerable works of art found in any of the myriad ancient artistic eras have specific purposes and are created with methods common in their particular setting. Many works dated to the period of Assyrian art (1363-612 BCE) share similar patterns of stylistic execution and representative meaning. The Relief of a Winged Divinity, an Assyrian artwork found in the throne room of the Northwest Palace of King Ashurnasirpal II in Nimrud, Iraq, presents a shallowly carved, highly detailed figure, probably representing the king, on a large slab of gypseous limestone accompanying lines of inscribed cuneiform, resembling an orthostat. The most remarkable aspect of this low relief is how the artist utilized common techniques of Assyrian art to create the work’s intricate details, symbolizing and emphasizing the king’s influencing power and godlike qualities. In accordance with the importance of the stylistic and symbolic representation, the relief displays an unnaturalistic human figure with attached wings, similar to how a mythical creature or ancient god would be portrayed. Although the human portion of the figure represents a proportional male, the eye sockets are unrealistically large. Furthermore, features such as the heavily muscled arm and the poised position accentuated by the man 's silhouette suggest that, besides the lack of realism, the human portion of the figure is idealized. The figure’s right arm, which is bent in an upward, shifting angle, has very defined muscles.…

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  • Dumarcay's Study

    Dumarcay’s studies show several periods of construction of the Borobudur temple. Miksic believed that there was already a pre-existing monument on the site of Borobudur which might be built by a group of Hindus or followers of pre-Indic beliefs before the Buddhist took over of the land and started the construction of Borobudur (46). He also added that this was the reason why Borobudur’s structure is unlike any other Buddhist temples in the world, because it is a product of assimilation between…

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  • Case Study Of Macao

    the cultural and historical authenticity of the destination and this form of advertisement would easily hook tourists craving for heritage tourism. More jobs in the tourism industry would be created to service the increasing number of tourists, leading to less dependence on fishing and agriculture; this is similar to the Borobudur temple in which the service industry increased while the the agricultural sector decreased due to the increased tourism (Kausar, 2012). Less fishing and agriculture…

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  • Bumi Surabai Hotel Case Study

    with Hindu ambience. Traditional meets luxury As you enter the full air-conditioned lobby area, you will be welcomed by the mind refreshing scent of lemongrass, liked by the locals (get a lemongrass and tear it, then you will know), and the background sound of Javanese gamelan (tuned gongs) making you forget the stress of fighting the heavy traffic in the hot Surabaya City. It’s not only that. The staff will give you a wet warm towel upon your arrival Again, different from any hotel…

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  • Buddhism Dbq

    Buddhism “… differ in their approaches in that they encourage the perfection of good deeds, punish the wicked ones, and reward good ones…” (Doc. 5) While some saw this as a clever diplomatic effort to show similarities between the different teachings, Chinese of the higher class continued to see Buddhism as a threat. Buddha originally was once a prince, and was a noble himself. He left it all behind and meditated until he reached Nirvana. His teachings soon became popular and morphed into…

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  • The Baroque Style Of Architecture

    Throughout the architectures history, these architecture have different designs and styles that depicts power and propaganda. This essay will cover three different architecture from different time period such as Baroque, Southeast Asian, and Japan. Comparing these architectures help us know the reason behind these buildings, their influences, their symbolism. The Baroque period of architecture began in late sixteenth century Italy, took the Roman terms of Renaissance architecture and used it in…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Eliade And Lincoln

    I’d like to start off with Eliade. With his theories on the human interaction with the sacred, Eliade’s view on religion can be applied to a range of different cultures. For example, Eliade emphasized the term “hierophany”, used to describe a moment in time when the sacred reveals itself to humans. The original location of a hierophany is referred to as a “cosmic center”, and humans recreate them through an “imago mundi”, or a mirror reflection of the original cosmic center. Examples of these…

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  • Turkcell And Telsim And Customer Satisfaction

    Dickinson (2010), revealed that there are several factors that affects the perception of customers in regard to the quality of serviced received and these factors include: friends and family opinion, past experience and pre belief about a particular service. Another study conducted by (Johan et al., 2014) revealed that service quality is a strong antecedent and is significantly related to customer satisfaction in the service industry. Similarly, (Haghighi et al., 2012) confirmed that service…

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  • Characteristics Of The Theme Park

    and the Tiger and many more. Most of the story gives a moral value that can be relate to kids. In another words, it provides idea and generate kids creativity thinking. What is Malay traditional weapons? It’s the Malay Ancient Weapons that having a development after the arrival of the outsiders to Malay Archipelago long time ago. The history is generally traced through the study of carvings and bas-relief panels found in Southeast Asia. It is believed that the earliest weapon prototype can be…

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  • Galactic Polity System

    century, but instead in the classical period. The beginning of organized societies in Java began around 700 CE with the Indianization of the region. This process started with the introduction of Hindu-Buddhist religious elements to the area by traders and merchants form India. (Lecture, 9/13/16) The roots of Hindu-Buddhist traditions were so strong that the system remained visible throughout the rise of the Kingdom of Majapahit and after the introduction of Islam during the rule of the Kingdom…

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