The Baroque Style Of Architecture

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Throughout the architectures history, these architecture have different designs and styles that depicts power and propaganda. This essay will cover three different architecture from different time period such as Baroque, Southeast Asian, and Japan. Comparing these architectures help us know the reason behind these buildings, their influences, their symbolism.
The Baroque period of architecture began in late sixteenth century Italy, took the Roman terms of Renaissance architecture and used it in a new rhetorical and dramatic fashion, often to express the achievement of the Catholic Church and the absolutist state. It was characterized by new explorations of form, light and shadow and dramatic intensity. In the Baroque style of architecture, emphasis was placed on bold spaces, domes, and large masses, as demonstrated by the Queluz National Palace in Portugal. In the later part of the period, the Baroque style was called Rococo, a style characterized by increasingly decorative and elaborate works. A number of church buildings of the Baroque period in Rome had plans based on the Italian design of the cathedral with a crossed dome and nave, but the treatment of the architecture was very different than what had been carried out before. One of the first Roman structures to break with the Mannerist conventions was the church of Santa Susanna, designed by Carlo Maderno. The Church of Saint Susanna is a Roman Catholic parish church located on the Quirinal Hill in Rome, Italy. There

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