Bumi Surabai Hotel Case Study

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Bumi Surabaya: A Peaceful City Resort With Javanese Ambience
Regardless of your purposes coming to a new place, one thing you must not miss. It's the local food! Indonesia, a country rich with culture heritages, is a heaven for food hunters. When you happen to be in Surabaya, why not stay at Bumi Hotel, a resort-styled artsy hotel located in the heart of Surabaya, with a large garden, artistic decorations and most importantly a large array of Indonesian foods in food stalls and wooden carriages, just like those you can find on many streets of Surabaya.

Green hotel in central location
Hotel Bumi is located in the heart of Surabaya, where international banks, offices and Surabaya’s popular shopping malls
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Rooms with many amenities
Regardless of your choice of room (rates start from 1,149,500 IDR, or 87.14 USD for a classic room), you will stay comfortably in this hotel, as all rooms are not only spacious and clean, with fast Wi-Fi connection, but you will also be able to consume the things stored inside the room’s mini bar for free!

Enjoy the much better view of Surabaya city (compared to most other hotels in Surabaya) from your room, due to the glass window wall, without worrying the noise from the street, as the windows are thick and tightly closed.

Each bathroom is designed to enhance your bathing experience. The fully marbled bathroom is well equipped (you will also find a scale in the bathroom!) and with a window located right above the bathtub, where you can bathe while enjoying the view of Surabaya City!

Buffet with traditional market
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When you want to eat Indonesian food in Surabaya, here is the place, as they serve many kinds of local foods, known for its rich flavors due to traditional spices such as turmeric and galangal (have you tried to cook with these spices?), and uniquely the Indonesian foods are served in carriages, just like what you can find on many streets in Surabaya (where else in Surabaya can you find this kind of buffet?).

Among them are chicken satay (grilled skewered chicken), soto ayam (chicken soup with yellow herb), leker (crispy banana snack) and tahu campur (fried tofu with rice cake called ‘lontong’, beef and bean sprouts, which comes with black soup). Enjoy the live cooking show of satay, where the satay chef will fan the satay, making you able to enjoy the sweet satay aroma, the aroma you may not be able to smell in your home country!

For Japanese food, they serve many things from tepanyaki (meat, rice and vegetables) to sushi rolls and sashimi (they have very fresh sashimi). They also have dim sum (I love their chicken buns) and Western lighter foods such as bread, pudding and

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