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  • Analysis Of New Brutalism By Reyner Banham

    Jennifer Taylor made one of the first historical accounts in 1972 in the book Australian Architecture Since 1960 under the chapter title The rational and the Robust. Taylor traced Brutalism through Le Corbusier, The Smithsons and then America and Japan, attributing The Hale School Memorial Hall in Perth by Marshall Clifton & Anthony Brand as the first building in Australia to exhibit a brutalist sensibility. Taylor says on the one hand Brutalism in Australia was deeply based on ethical consideration while on the other some drew primarily on the aesthetics. She goes on to say that despite sharing common characteristics, their ideologies were often diverse. A visual account of this diversity is given by Taylor defining the polar opposites as the ethic of Cameron Offices (Figure 38) and the aesthetic of the High Court of Australia (Figure 39), both of which she argues have roots in Brutalism. Architectural historian Philip Goad agrees, noting in his essay Bringing It All Home the emergence of Brutalism in Australia was complex, diffuse…

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  • The World Made A Whore Of Me Analysis

    As the crowd loosens up the only thing left is the doctor kneeling over a corpse. “Heart attack.(110)” he exclaims. The Doctor begins to look up the mayor and journalists and confirms that Ill had just died from a heart attack. “Must have been from joy” says the Mayor(136). Claire Zuchansian returns to the city to see Ill. As she pulls back the tablecloth to see his face, she hands over the promised check to the Mayor of Gullen. The Visit was a play demonstrating how wealth can overpower and…

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  • Example Of A Narrative Essay On Sprinting

    orphanage: Wendy McGuire, 8, Jeremy Nichols, 11, and Samuel Allard, 8.” I drop the newspaper. I don’t fuck with haunted orphanages. That might be the last thing I fuck with. I run out of the office but forget which way to go. My instinct tells me left so I take it. And then another left. I find my way to the spelling room, but something catches my eye. I look at the chalkboard that displayed roughly seven words last time I checked. The only word on the board now is “help”. I turn to sprint down…

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  • Hallway Research Paper

    The hallway is lit by a single light attached to the middle of the popcorn ceiling. There used to be two lights but one bulb flickered and died leaving the hallway dim. The popcorn ceiling is picked off and gone in some spots, mostly around the light and close to the walls. There are also a few tan stains that are darker around the edges and lighter almost white as they go in. The stains might be water stains from who ever lived in the house before. The flooring in the hallway is a worn dark…

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  • Narrative Essay On The Dungeon

    quiet that comes with the snowfall when every living animal is hiding at home where it’s warm. The Dungeon looked like hell but felt like Heaven. This was one ritual that she didn’t understand the point of. There were many in her community, all of which had practical purposes. This one was one of the more ridiculous ones, sending children to this hallway and then not letting them out until they passed the criteria and were allowed back home. They had to wander these halls until the elders or…

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  • Highland Students Behavior

    exception. While the schools have many areas under control, the hallways at Highland and the cafeteria at Lacey are still an issue. By focusing on consistent adult interactions to uphold behavioral expectations, better hallway and cafeteria management will result for both Lacey Elementary and Highland High School. Student Characteristics, Issues, and Factors Most students at Highland and Lacey are very responsible. They know the expectations and act appropriately. While most would think…

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  • The History Of Worcester's Union Station

    was taken to create such huge feats. Worcester’s Union Station is located directly off of highway 190 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Thousands of people pass by it on a daily basis without even realizing that it is something more than a “pretty train station”. Before we begin, let’s answer the question of just why are train stations so grand? This can be simply answered with the fact that while trains started to become the main form of transportation, the stations were made bigger and more…

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  • A Complex Experience Essay

    I was walking with my friend to class when it happen. Before it happened, I noticed that I had seen no teachers or adults for that matter in the halls. When it happened, there was the sound of a large crash and the whole building shook like there was huge earthquake just under Badger. What happened? At first, I had no idea what happened until I looked out the window then I saw it. A huge glass dome had covered the entire school. Floods of students like moths to light ran outside to see what had…

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  • Locke Ober Cafe Case Study

    members of churches, and even deacons engaged in it without any detriment to their moral character or standing in society. But, after a few years of temperance work, it dawned upon the minds of some that these distilleries were a source of evil rather than good, for they were “sowing the seeds of drunkenness and poverty, and helping to fill the jails and prisons with victims; and therefore deserved the condemnation rather than the condemnation of the community” (Clark, 31). Intemperance, many…

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  • Pinnckney Street History

    that touched Beacon Hill extended east of Charles Street. Originally, the land which the shoreline extended to in 1630 belonged to John Singleton Copley, a famous painter of the time. Justin Winsor, writes in The Memorial History of Boston: Including Suffolk County ..., Volume 4, that “In 1771…[Copley] owned all the land which lies between Charles, Beacon, Walnut, and MT. Vernon streets, Louisburg Square and Pinckney Street, - about eleven acres” (387). However, the onset of the American…

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