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  • Android Malware And Botnet Analysis

    Android Malware and Botnets Malware in differing forms has been present since computers were first invented. One of the most interesting kinds of malware is that which takes control of a computer and reports back to the malicious actor that infected the computer. The malware allows an attacker to use the infected computer, effectively making the computer a bot. Normally, these bots are part of a network of infected computers known as a botnet. The attacker in control of a botnet can use it for a variety of purposes. One of the most common uses for a botnet is to perform distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), where the bots send massive amounts of web traffic to a single website and attempt to bring it down. Botnets can also be used to…

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  • Ethical Hacking: A Big Business

    The Botnets uses multiple controllers so that it may not fail at any single point while working on hacking a network of computer servers. Once the hacker hack the network of a series of computer, he can access any of the computer data within the network. Botnets are so effective that it is very difficult to detect its presence in the network and breaks into the network before any one could notice it. Black markets provide this tool for free which is a biggest threat in today’s environment of…

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  • 4G Case Study

    Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.R. Piqueras Jover & P. Giura, “How vulnerabilities in wireless networks can enable Advanced Persistent Threats”, International Journal on Information Technology (IREIT) 2013. [2]. R. Piqueras Jover, “Security Attacks Against the Availability of LTE Mobility Networks: Overview and Research Directions”, IEEE. [3]. M. Dano, “The Android IM App that brought T-Mobile’s Network to its knees”, Fierce Wireless, October 2010. [4]. Masood Khosroshahy,…

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  • Mis-790 Comprehensive Exam

    MIS 790 Comprehensive Exam Q1. To be able to build prediction models of botnet attacks, we had to decide information requirements. (a) What process did you use for identifying predictor variables for modelling botnet traffic flows? (b) What additional measures can be taken in terms of information (or data) gathering to further improve the accuracy of the prediction models? (a) I started with a literature survey and read articles to understand the problem and technical terms. To understand the…

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  • Feminisecurity. Com Business Analysis

    Companies like MasterCard and Visa are threatening banks with large fines if they process deals of illicit drugs. Because of this, online sales of these illegal medicine has lessened. As well as MasterCard and Visa, big technology companies like Microsoft have taken initiative and had success to battle these botnets and lessen spam emails. Although spam emails have lessened, hackers will find different ways to make money. For example, hackers use botnets to steal bank account and credit card…

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  • Dangers Of Cybercriminals

    Cybercriminals us malware short for malicious software to attack our systems to steal data, obtain personal information such as credit card information, social security number, or even where you live, they can also install monitoring programs, they can even take control of your system via the internet and lock your computer out demanding that you have to pay a certain amount to unlock it, or use it to create a botnet. A botnet is a large number of computers used at once to attack a server to…

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  • Effects Of Cyber Crime Essay

    Apart from isolated individuals committing cyber-crime, the realm of cyber criminals has expanded to include organised and professional hackers and crackers, the ‘cyber mafia’ , and the conduct of cyber war ,cyber terrorism and cyber espionage by governments against each other. It is estimated that up to 80% of cyber-crimes today, which are involved in malware creation, botnet management, harvesting of personal and financial data, data sale, etc., are a result of organised activity. The…

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  • What Is Cyber Security?

    devices. Another issue facing the IT industry is how to deal with the malware mercenaries and viruses (Singer & Friedman, 2014). Malwares are forms of malicious softwares and programs that includes computer viruses, worms, ransom-ware, adware, scare-ware, Trojan horses, and spy-ware. They can be in form of executable codes, scripts, active contents or even other forms of malicious software. The malwares are designed to bring down systems or copy information from systems that is private. For…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Cyber Attacks

    General Staff, Alexander Burutin, voiced his concerns on how cyber attacks can infiltrate military control system, navigation and communication systems and other facilities that control the state’s economy and Armed Forces depend on. Other organaizations can also manipulate Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems that regulate pumps, valves, elevators, generators, and other machines. John Markoff reported that There are reports that in 1982 President Ronald Reagan approved the…

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  • Cyber-Security: The Concept Of Cyber Security

    systems once compromised might lose their usefulness (Sen, 2011). Moreover, the information might be altered to yield negative or unanticipated results. It is noted that cyber espionage or cyber theft is associated with infiltration of proprietary, financial and personal data. In such circumstances, the attacker stands to gain at the expense of the victim. Other activities such as denial-of-service attacks are likely to slow or block legitimate users/ owners from accessing an ICT platform. In…

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