Denial-of-service attacks

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  • Spear Phishing Attacks

    trustworthy as a legitimate business entity, users are less suspicious.” (Karambelas, 2016, pg. 1). Trend Micro’s APT research team believes that spear phishing is the most favored APT attack bait. The cost of opening a spear-phishing email can be enormous. For example, the email service provider Epsilon “fell prey to a spear-phishing attack that caused the organization to lose an estimated US $4 billion.” (Trend Micro, 2012, pg.…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Websites

    This attack, which happened in multiple waves, made it so many websites were inaccessible. Sites such as Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, Shopi, fyBox, Boston Globe, New York Times, Github, Airbnb, Reddit, Freshbooks, Heroku and Vox Media properties (Conger, 2016). Just what exactly is a DDoS attack and how can it bring down so many sites? A DDoS attack is where there is an attempt bring down a website or online service by flooding and overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources…

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  • Cloud Computing Attacks

    continues to evolve and become faster with each passing year, the ability has emerged for companies to cut costs by offloading their networks to companies who host these services over the Internet. This practice has widely come to be known as Cloud Computing. The benefits of such a service are many, but it does come with its own risks. Those who take advantage of such services are exposed to various attacks utilizing the Internet. These potential attacks include, but are not limited to, web…

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  • Android Malware And Botnet Analysis

    Android Malware and Botnets Malware in differing forms has been present since computers were first invented. One of the most interesting kinds of malware is that which takes control of a computer and reports back to the malicious actor that infected the computer. The malware allows an attacker to use the infected computer, effectively making the computer a bot. Normally, these bots are part of a network of infected computers known as a botnet. The attacker in control of a botnet can use it for a…

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  • Importance Of Cyber War

    China also conducted State supported email corruption “leads to data loss and even endangering the lives of employees” (Stiennon, 2010). Among the victims of China’s cyber operations were Cisco, Google, Lockheed Martin, NSA, USCYBERCOM, DISA, NASA, several US banks, and many other business corporations. NATO Article 5 Response UN Charter Article 51 allows states right of self-defense against armed attacks. NATO confirmed at Sept 2014 that Article 5 applies to armed cyber-attacks. NATO also…

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  • Nt1330 Unit 1 Review Paper

    In the paper, [1], the author introduced two kinds of topology attacks focus on the architecture of SDN and emphasized the weakness of the host tracking service and the link discovery service. And then, the paper provides the security extension, called Topoguard, for the Floodlight v0.9 controller. A. Two topology attacks The first attack as we mentioned, Host Location Hijacking Attack, is to send a fake request that the target host migrates to a new location trying to intercept packets and…

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  • The Security Challenges Of SDN And The Traditional Network

    threats to SDN are not new. They already exist for the traditional networks but their effect is much more devastating for SDN. DoS/DDoS attack is not new or limited to SDN but its effect is amplified several folds. If DDoS attack is launched on the controller from the southbound interface, its effect on the network will be much worse as compared to attack against a single node in the traditional network. On the other hand, if a successful controller spoofing attack is launched from the…

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  • Anony Anonymous Ethical Issues

    Anonymous is an internet group that defies the odds of distance and power, using various ethical methods that posts their righteous ideas onto the web. They use a combination of DDoS attacks, Black Faxes, Google Bombs, and peaceful marches that represent a Martin Luther King type protest. Anonymous knows no bounds and will continue to thrive on 4chan’s /b/ section and through Twitter. Anonymous originated on 4chan’s /b/ section, which is a forum that random people can make random posts based on…

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  • 4G Case Study

    study of DoS attack: Faiza Farooq, Ridha Naveed and Ayesha siddiqa Department of Computer Science Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi Pakistan ridanaveed94@gmail, faizafarooq699@gmail Absract: The demand of 4G networks is increasing day by day as they are very high speed but 4G has certain security issues in it. In our paper we will describe some security issues and provide solutions for them to minimize these issues in order to improve the performance of 4G networks. Key words: 4G,…

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  • Ipv6 Security Analysis

    Analysis of IPv6 Security challenges and vulnerability Abstract: The fast growth of the Internet and technology has a serious impact on our daily life. Almost everything around us has become connected to the Internet computers, appliances, medical devices, airplanes, and mobile devices. This rapid growth of connectivity has helped to develop the IPv6 to cover a numerous number of IP address and provide new services. The deployment of IPv6 provides many enhancements to the Internet…

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