Ann's Bad Im Case Study

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Ann’s bad AIM
1. What is the name of Ann’s IM buddy?
The name of Ann’s IM buddy is sec558user1
2. What was the first comment in the captured IM conversation?
Here is the secret recipe. I just downloaded it from the file server. Just copy to a thumb drive and you are good to go >
3. What is the name of the file Ann transferred?
4. What is the magic number of the file you want to extract (first four bytes)?
0x504B0304 (one byte=8bits=2 hex digits)
5. What was the MD5sum of the file?
6. What is the secret recipe?
Recipe for disaster:
1 serving
4 cups sugar
2 cups water
In a medium saucepan, bring the water to a boil. Add sugar. Stir gently over low heat until
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Cyber vandals use premade tools to cause grief to their fellow citizens. DDoS attacks are a competitive business tool to keep a competitor from participating in a particular event or shutting down online businesses. Some states sponsor the use of the DDOS to silence government critics and internal opposition.
To defend against a DDOS attack, a common and effective way of deploying a DDoS protection is by using Border Gateway Protocol routing. Second, writing some python scripts that try to filter out the bad traffic will try to use the systems firewall to filter out the bad traffic. Third, Internet service providers can be used because they have more bandwidth, which can help with large volumetric attacks. Using cloud mitigation providers who have built massive amounts of network bandwidth and DDOS mitigation capacity to scrub the traffic and send clean traffic to the data center.
Uses honeypots have in law
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They attract hackers to attack the system in order to study them. Honeypots derive their value from threats using them. Thus if not interacted with, the honeypot has no value. Honeypots are important in the process of catching and prosecuting cyber criminals.
Emails are among the most common ways people communicate ranging from internal meeting requests, to distribution of documents and general conversation. Email forensics helps study the source and content of the email as evidence identifying the actual sender and recipient of the message. Some tools help identify the point of origin of the message, trace the path traversed by the message to identify spammers and identify phishing emails that try to obtain information from the receiver.
Most of the browsers save web browsing history in their own unique formats and are stored as hidden files. Thus, web forensics deals with gathering critical information related to crime by exploring the browsing history of a person, files they have uploaded, number of visits to a website, any material downloaded from the website, the cookies setup as part of the visit and other critical information. One cannot easily delete the history files making it simpler for law enforcement agencies to track down criminals and prosecute

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