Dental plaque

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  • Dental Plaque Control Case Study

    From several years the challenge of dental plaque control has been accepted by the scientist worldwide. An efficient therapeutic strategy for dental plaque control and periodontal disease has not been established yet. Removing plaque has been carried out as the treatment for periodontal disease. In spite of this treatment, however, plaque development recurs. The currently available anti-plaque products are mostly antimicrobial compounds. Long-time therapy with antibiotics, however, may cause the appearance of resistant bacteria. Similarly the control of dental plaque risk factors has been considered to be very important in prevention of the dental diseases. Thus it indicates the necessity of understanding the scenario of risk factors within…

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  • Periodontal Debridement Essay

    immediately after eruption for professional cleaning. The bacteria within the oral cavity begin to stick to the acquired pellicle and form plaque. Plaque is a sticky…

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  • Dental Caries Research Paper

    Dental Caries: The big culprit Dental caries is a dental terminology which can be otherwise called tooth decay. The tooth is the hardest structure is our human body and is made up of organic and inorganic contents It is approximately 45% inorganic material (mainly hydroxyapatite), 33% organic material (mainly collagen) and 22% water. Dental caries is a complex procedure that involves the combined action of bacterial toxins in an acidic environment that causes loss from the tooth structure. The…

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  • Periodontal Disease Research Paper

    Zachary Gray Professor Mary Downing English 112 September 15, 2016 Periodontal Disease, Treatment, and Prevention Americans are living longer and faced with many different diseases that affect all areas of their body. The oral cavity includes the maxillary and mandibular teeth along with the tongue and surrounding gingival tissues and plays a primary role in the first step of the digestive process. With the addition of fluoride to toothpaste and municipal drinking water the incidence of…

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  • Periodontal Disease: A Case Study

    Malocclusion refers to a misalignment or incorrect relation between the teeth of the two dental arches when they approach each other as the jaws close; and, when the interproximal contact area between neighbor teeth on a same arch is bigger due to tooth rotation or when such contact is open. Consequently, this unusual alignment cause the teeth of one arch not to have a nice contact area between them, fact that may predispose an individual to be more susceptible to dental biofilm accumulation…

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  • Ethical Issues And Data Analysis: Rigour '

    2008). It is the most common nosocomial infection in mechanically ventilated patients and is a preventable secondary consequence of intubation and mechanical ventilation (Barclay & Vega, 2005), so its development and prevention is a concern. Oral health is influenced by dental plaque, the oral microbial flora, and oral immunity (Munro et al, 2004). Dental plaque is a biofilm found on tooth surfaces that provides a microhabitat for microorganisms (Munro et al, 2004). Microbial flora is a…

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  • Importance Of Microbial World On Teeth

    Dental plaque is a diverse microbial community that forms on the surface of your teeth and is embedded in a matrix of polymers that originates from bacteria and saliva. Plaque develops when foods that contain carbohydrates, such as sugars and starches, are frequently left on your teeth. When you eat or drink foods such as milk, soft drinks, raisins, desserts, or candy, these foods can combine with the natural bacteria in your mouth and create an acid. This acid then combines with saliva and…

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  • Essay On Periodontal Disease

    serious condition. Periodontal disease is caused by oral bacteria present in the mouth that forms plaque, a filmy substance on the teeth. When exposed to minerals in saliva and allowed to settle, the plaque mineralizes over a period of two to three days and hardens into a thick calculus on the teeth. The presence of starchy particles in the mouth creates an ideal breeding environment and food supply for the oral bacteria. When allowed to settle and breed, the bacteria travel down the tooth and…

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  • Red Visor Analysis

    of being a co-dependent pet owner. I 'm thinking, what in hell does that even mean? So I immediately went to my trusty Google browser and asked the question. I found a new friend and a self-admitted co-dependent pet owner. Here is her description: You feel guilty for leaving your dogs for six hours and on the way home you stop at Burger King to bring home hamburgers for the poor neglected pets. I had to laugh and realized that I had not reached that place of dependency... yet! So then dear…

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  • Essay On Debridement

    Debridement Project A debridement is a procedure for removing soft and hard deposits on the teeth. It can be either routine cleaning with light deposit, or deep cleaning with heavy plaque. Routine cleaning is performed regularly in otherwise healthy dentition and gums. During cleaning, plaque and calculus are removed from the crowns of the teeth using hand scalers or ultrasonic scaler. The most common area for plaque to build up is inside of the lower-front teeth and on the outside of the upper…

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