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  • Summary: The Meiji Restoration

    The Meiji Restoration, also known as the Reign of the Meiji Emperor was a massive movement that took place in 1868, which brought about an industrialization in Japan. The movement began when the Tokugawa Shogun, who ruled Japan; who lost his power due to being overthrown, was replaced by the emperor of Japan to the supreme position. The emperor chose “Meiji” as the name for his rule as it referred to the “Enlightened Rule”. As the nation began restoring itself, it had to tackle many of its economic needs. Japan at that point was militarily weak, it had no technological advancements and its economy was mainly aided through agriculture. Before the restoration, Japan was controlled by hundreds of semi-independent feudal lords. The Meiji period…

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  • Role Of Women In Kokoro

    Westernized country. Although the modernization of Japan was a welcomed change, many Japanese were torn between the inevitable modernity of their country and their tradition. The modernization of Japan brought about societal changes in the role of women, but similar to the Meiji era, the representation of women in Kokoro were torn between modernity and tradition. Through the characterization of the three women in the novel, his diction, and his tone, Soseki demonstrated the roles and views of…

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  • Marquis De Lafayette Character Analysis

    For a man who was quoted for his dislike of Paris, Marquis de Lafayette spent a large proportion of his life fighting for the city, and working hard to help it grow. It seemed that no matter what the man could do, he would not be recognized for what he did for his country. He lived in Paris through its biggest period of change. Such periods were the revolution, the reign of terror, napoleon, the bourbon restoration and the July revolution. In each time his name was known, and he worked hard…

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  • Analysis Of Child's Play By Higuchi Ichiyo

    Known for her stories about adolescents struggling towards adulthood, Higuchi Ichiyō creates a small world full of contrasting young characters in one of her famous works, “Child’s Play”. Also known as “Takekurabe”, which translates to “growing up”, the children of the story cross the line that separates child from adult during a period of individualism and edification. Although “Child’s Play” embraces the purity of the coming-of-age theme, it adds darker elements in order to show the realistic…

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  • Japanese History: The Tokugawa Period

    governments want to control crime and burakumin through fear and example. To do such a thing they used various methods of torture and execution through means like being boiled alive, beheading, mutilations, flogging, and tattooing. They would Tattoo as a way so that other domains would be able to tell if one was a criminal and what they were charged with. At the time they would also create a punished corpse in order to set an example of those who went against the laws. During the late Tokugawa…

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  • Traditional Gender Roles In Japanese Essay

    Immediately following the Meiji Restoration, elementary education was mandatory for both boys and girls. This gave way to a new ideal of “good wife, wise mother” which signified a modern, wage earning woman. Wage earning women and girls working in factories and cut off from their traditional domestic roles as subservient housewives challenged the preconceived notion of gender and the role the patriarchal system had set for them. Adding to the notion of the “good wife, wise mother” ideal was the…

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  • Prosthodontist Essay

    Oviedo, FL? You may not know what a prosthodontist is or does. However, this type of dental specialist could benefit you greatly. A person who works in prosthodontics can serve several important purposes. This type of professional receives intensive training beyond regular dental school. Training to Be a Prosthodontist The first step for a potential prosthodontist is applying for dental school. Once an individual passes the regular courses, more classes will follow. In fact, three to four…

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  • Naomi By Henry Ship Analysis

    After Meiji Restoration, Japan had almost completed its modernization stage. During its modernism period, the flourish of mass media brought various doctrines and ideologies into Japanese people minds namely Capitalism, Marxism, and Militarism. Compared with the literature written in Meiji Restoration era, the ideology of Success Advancement now was not main focusing point as before. In my opinion, the reason is that after Meiji Restoration, Japanese people gained the confidence on their rapid…

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  • Saigō Takamori's Role In Japanese Politics

    Saigō Takamori was born on on 1827/12/7 in the Castletown of Kagoshima, an isolated area within the Satsuma domain under the control of the Shimazu clan which had established themselves as the oldest living clan in Japan at the time of his birth. The Shimazu clan were of notable prestige in that they were the only clan that received foreign ambassadors in a time when, under the orders of the Tokugawa Shogunate (the shogunate was a council of military commanders led primarily by a single domain),…

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  • The Importance Of The Meiji Restoration Of Japan

    Japan's Tokugawa, or Edo, period existed from 1603 to 1868, until it underwent many rapid key developments, transforming the traditional Japanese government, society, and culture into the modern Meiji Restoration of 1868. The Meiji Restoration overturned the long-reigning Tokugawa shoguns and pushed Japan into a modern era. During the Tokugawa period there were many blossoming developments that prompted the modernisation of Japan to take place such as the decline of the Bakufu (military…

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