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  • Personal Narrative: The Basketball Team

    Golden State highlights were all over the screen. It was a nice hype video, and it was very effective. The entire crowd was roaring as they prepared to announce the starters. Once they got to Harrison, the noise was insane. As everyone was chanting his name, he gave a shy smile and a wave to the people in the stands. Once both teams had their lineups announced, their starting five players gathered around half-court. Although this was a preseason game, both teams played some of their starters because this was the first NBA game in Des Moines since 1997, so they had to show off a little bit for the crowd. Once all of the players had gotten in position, the referee launched the basketball in the air for the tipoff and the game began. The Nuggets won the tipoff, and Kenneth Faried recovered the ball. As he drove to the basket, he took a jump shot close to the hoop and banked it in. This was going to be a tough…

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  • National Anthem: Inequality In America

    issues on a daily basis"(Rogers). Kaepernick on people thinking about what the National Anthem really stands for. Shouldn’t the anthem representing our country represent all the people that make it great, rather than a select few? Individuals have referred to the National Anthem as racist many times throughout history. There are more verses to the National Anthem that many don’t know, mentioning slavery. "a distinct and inferior race of people"(Willingham). Francis Scott Key was an…

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  • Examples Of Urban Observation

    notes each location around the Denver area. The places I chose three locations in Denver which are Stapleton, Lowery, and Wash Park. Which are the three days every other weekend are the same hours those for those days. First I Observed and chose Stapleton area which is historically used to be an old Airport when the city grows and skewed right. The demographic area now turn-down and built new homes, shopping centers, library, couple hotel, Recreation Center and Park movement competition and…

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  • Old Chicago Swot Analysis

    While the location is ideal, there are some unsavory elements. Some areas of Colfax have a bit of a reputation for selling and using drugs. While the Denver police have done a wonderful job cleaning up much of Colfax, the reputation is still worth noting because it is well-earned. Also, the nightlife can be somewhat intense on Colfax Avenue. While a lively bar scene could be considered a plus, we must work with other bars to improve to the standard of alcohol service, and work with the police to…

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  • Attack Of The Mutant Chicken Nuggets Analysis

    Mutant Chicken Nuggets My story begins in a small rural town called Nowhere, Nebraska. It’s a mile from You Turned the Wrong Way, and right next to, You’re A Goner. Times are tough around these parts, people up and leaving and never to be seen around here again, and my guardian leaving for the Reserves every month. Leaving me with my crazy inventors I call my “Grandparents”. They are an older couple who’s taken care of me since… the accident. Well anyways this is the story of the time I…

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  • Chapter Summary: The Black Market By Helen Thorpe

    the other two with good documentation. The author depicts the efforts of these immigrant students attempting to be acclimated to live away from their kinship systems, the dorm life, and the difficulties in managing financial responsibilities. The resiliency conveyed by these women are amazing and worth noting, as the author provides the readers a glimpse into the endeavors of non-fictional characters attending college while possessing an illegal status in Denver Colorado (Thorpe 2009). …

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  • Tyson Foods, Inc. Case Study

    (Tyson Food, Inc., 2016). The market Tyson Food, Inc. aims at include families and anyone in search for high quality food products. Distinction Tyson Food, Inc. distinguishes itself from competitors through innovations. Over the years, Tyson Food, Inc. have made cooking food easier for families and foodservice providers with Pzark Fry chicken patty’s, Iowa Beef Packers, and many more products (Tyson Food, Inc., 2016). The attention to details and customer values makes Tyson Food, Inc. soar…

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  • Mcdonalds And Bookies Case Study

    that make ventilation more efficient. Using this hood also reduce heating a cooling loads (By considering the minimum.., n.d.). Since McDonalds fries a majority of their food this really helps their process go easier and more efficient. McDonalds also started using the net-energy solution to help them save money and energy (By considering the minimum.., n.d.). For calculability, McDonald’s focuses on quantity rather than quality. Its called fast food for a reason. They want thing to be fast so…

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  • Violence Of Football Analysis

    The article “Violence of football is becoming too difficult to justify” written for the Denver Post is titled and written in a way to that demands attention. Attempting an attack on America’s sport is something that will catch the eye of most readers. Groothuis writes for a sympathetic audience all the while using pathos as a guide to convince any reader, the author also crosses the line as he tries poisoning the well for any new, and inexperienced football fan. The NFL is a multi-billion…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of American Airlines

    in the construction of the DIA. Some of the weaknesses of the DIA include: • Lack of commitment and involvement of the leadership in the actual project ongoing, they were more interested in the appearance of the project but not the issues related to the project. • Lack of proper project management. The team consisted of two companies along with the City of Denver, which proved detrimental as there was no proper communication among the companies. The PMT was not situationally aware of the issues…

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