Examples Of Urban Observation

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Observation means being embedded in the action and context of a social setting and background. I decide my observation paper to three different places. Decide and spends one hour each place and look forward and gathering some information and takes notes each location around the Denver area. The places I chose three locations in Denver which are Stapleton, Lowery, and Wash Park. Which are the three days every other weekend are the same hours those for those days.
First I Observed and chose Stapleton area which is historically used to be an old Airport when the city grows and skewed right. The demographic area now turn-down and built new homes, shopping centers, library, couple hotel, Recreation Center and Park movement competition and active,
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The house ages the cost of the prices very expense since the downtown convenience and little backyard comparing to lowery town center and most of the time the apartment property, a lot of activity at the wash park they have big and known park that places and people they do a lot of activity through the Park, the people they are from there or not enjoy the park exercises, ride cars, the bikes and running through the neighborhood they use a lot of transportation weather driving there car or taxi even paddy bikes and they do have bike station too. People’s looks like single and young generation and diversity of ratios and racially and ethnicity be these locations. Some of them work downtown and attend school too. Whether the couples and individualizes and with the dog too hung around that neighborhood. The road which is highway intersection 25 on the south of Wash Park and the major road on the north side Alameda and East Side University Ave through Denver University and to cherry creek shopping

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