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  • Retailing In India

    GROWTH OF NEW RETAIL FORMATS IN INDIA RETAILING- Retaling is the activities involved in selling goods or services directly to the final consumers for their personal or non business uses. Introduction : the retail sector of india has been facing a tremendous growth and changing demographics and an increase in the living standard of people. This sector has become one of the most booming sector in india. With the growth in the economy, spread of awareness among the consumer, increase in income and heavy customer base , india is becoming one of the most prospective market for the global and domestic retailers. Objective : The pupose of studing this paper is to know about the indian retail industry. It gas identified the factors which has…

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  • Internet Retailing Case Study

    THE INTERNET TAKES OVER RETAILING The Internet has developed rapidly in the last two decades and the number of web users has grown exponentially with high speed Internet and relevant information technology spreading worldwide. Businesses have exploited the web and firms promote their products and services online offering detailed descriptions and product information and images. More and more people have come to rely on Internet shopping and consumer behavior has, as a consequence, changed from…

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  • Challenges To Orgainsed Retailing In India

    Orgainsed Retailing The retail sector is presently undergoing a change in India. Previously customers used to go to kirana stores to purchases their items/products /goods. This later changed to bigger shops run by one man with a few employees and all the work was done manually. Department stores came into being. Beginning in the mid-1990s however there was an explosion of shopping malls. Where customers interacted with professionals and not with just one single person (the owner). (Ms. Vidushi…

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  • Key Drivers Of Retailing In India

    Key Drivers of Retailing in India Consumer Pull In Pre-Liberalization the manufacturer was the king of the market, all the power rested with the manufacturer. But in today’s market, consumer are the kings, this is mainly due to liberalization in consumer goods, industries, vanity product, consumerism and increasing wealth. All this change will be mainly seen in youths in metro cities. Consumers can be divided into two broad categories: • High income segment- The consumers who have high income…

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  • The Relationship In The Concept Of Mirroring And Retailing

    The relationship in which the salesperson has with the customer is said to be the most influential within the retail setting. The interaction creates an opportunity for the customer to directly communicate with the brand they are purchasing. Thus allowing the customer to draw upon their interactions to evaluate retail service quality (Newman & Patel, 2004). Foster & Resnick (2011) expresses that the challenge for organisations is to ensure consistency of the delivery in these encounter. They…

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  • Car Dealership Case Study: Retailing At Car Dealership

    Retailing At Car Dealership Alejandra Genao Lehigh Carbon Community College Prof. Pamela Weldom ABSTRACT The car dealership industry has continually evolved over years in a great manner in such a way that is now seen as a different industry when compared to how operations were thirty or forty years ago. Like other businesses, car retailing dealership ought to have proper planning with clearly set objectives for easy operations. The car…

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  • Retail Trolley Essay

    and 2013 by store type 2012 ($) 2013 ($) % change Car retailing,Motor cycle retailing,trailer and other motor vehicle retailing 7,957.9 8,551.5 7.4 Motor vehicle parts retailing 383.6 423.2 10.3 Tyre retailing 795.7 805.7 1.2 Fuel retailing 7618.9 7772.7 2.0 Supermarket and grocery stores 16,693.1 17,010.0 1.9 Fresh meat,fish abd poultry retailing 525.0 522.3 -0.5 Fruit and vegetable retailing 454.2 446.9 -1.6 Other specialised food retailing 399.2 430.7 7.9 Liquor retailing 1,355.0 1,407.5…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Omni Channel

    2. OMNI CHANNEL RETAILING Omni channel is the convergence of three forces: E-commerce, Mobile technology and Physical retail to create a new kind of interaction for the consumer. The way customers are shopping is changing, they bounce between devices and channels and the distinction between online and offline retailing is blurring. Customers often browse online and make their purchases in store or get their shopping delivered to doorstep. Their expectations of retailers continue to rise and…

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  • Importance And Importance Of Retail Market

    Importance of Retail Economics Retailing has a tremendous impact on the economy. It involves high annual sales and employment. Retail involves the selling of goods to end users. While meeting the needs of customers, following are some of the functions performed by a retailer: Customer Convenience: Perhaps the most important role of bringing the ready to be consumed goods to the doorstep of the consumer is performed by the retail community. Consumers benefit from retailing as retailers perform…

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  • Indian Retail Essay

    How has retailing developed into this wide assortment of stores and merchandise, where the consumer can pick and choose the types of store in which they wishes to buy and the kind of merchandise which meets their approval? Retailing has been developing for thousands of years as is evidenced by the earliest written records o mankind. For almost every type of present day retail outlet, there is a counterpart or forerunner in ancient and medieval civilization. Such retail outlets have for…

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