Rett syndrome

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  • Rett Syndrome Report

    Rett Syndrome Report Cathy Qian Clinical features Rett Syndrome (RTT) is a genetic disease which presents with a seemingly normal development up until 1-3 years of age. The disease is only present in females, as it is an X-linked dominant disorder and males with a defective X chromosome die prematurely. It is rare, with an estimate of 1:10000 - 1:15000 live female births. (4) This is when Stage II begins, with deterioration of mental processes. The rate of deterioration varies. Symptoms include babble or loss of speech, unable to use hands properly, no wanting to socialize, not sleeping well and poor head growth. (1) Stage III is when the deterioration reaches a plateau, with the landmarks of the disease present. These include: stereotyped…

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  • The Rett Syndrome

    This report breaks down Rett Syndrome (RTT) in order to inform and educate patients and their family members on the genetic and symptomatic components. To begin, RTT is a post-natal neurodevelopmental condition that almost exclusively affects females. Its characteristic symptoms include an initial normal development followed by a period of regression where the child loses the ability to perform motor functions and may exhibit autistic-like symptoms. The regression period is followed by a plateau…

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  • Rett Syndrome Reflection

    What activities took place during this session? The first session was with one student, I will refer to her as Janet. Janet is an eighth grade female that has Rett Syndrome. Janet has many symptoms that are typical of a child with Rett syndrome. She has severe cognitive disabilities, she is nonverbal, has severe scoliosis, which is a curvature in her spine. Janet’s spine is “S” shaped. Because of her spine and her cognitive disabilities Janet is in a wheel chair. She also has no ability to chew…

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  • Rett Syndrome Research Paper

    As for treatments, there is no cure to this disease. There are some treatments available that focus on helping a girl with Rett Syndrome live the best life she possibly can with her condition. “Physical therapy can improve mobility, speech therapy can improve some language issues, and occupational therapy can help girls perform common daily activities independently. Physical therapists can enhance the child’s physical fitness, and can reduce some of the secondary dangers of immobility. Speech…

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  • Rett Syndrome And Autism Spectrum Analysis

    One of these is Rett syndrome, which is an X-linked neurodevelopmental disorder. Children with Rett’s seem to develop normally up unto 6-18 months and then there is regression that is characterized by a loss of motor skills (Percy, 2016). A genetic basis for Rett’s was discovered in 1999 which showed that a mutation in methyl-CpG binding protein 2 (MECP2) was to blame for this disorder (Chahrour & Zoghbi, 2007). In almost 95% of cases mutations in MECP2 are found with most arising from sporadic…

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  • Rhett Disease Case Study

    disabilities, what sickle cell does in children with neurodevelopment disorders, and what psychiatric disorders and down syndrome does in adolescents and young adults. This paper will only contain abstracts of my own doings for each journal I have obtained for this study. I will not be going into depth with every single disorder that is within a neurodevelopment disorder such as Mendelsohn’s Syndrome or…

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  • Asperger's Syndrome: Troubled With Nonverbal Communication

    nonverbal communication. Obsessive behavior. “inability to understand social/emotional issues or nonliteral phrases” (Autism Speaks 1). Awkward mannerisms. Almost every person can look back on memories of having issues with some or all of these things. Yet most are able to look back with a relief that it was small phase in life that has since passed, something to be remembered fondly, laughed at jokingly. But for people with Asperger’s syndrome these awkward behaviors are not just a phase in…

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  • Different Types Of Autism

    Severe problems and syndromes that may accompany ASD includes mental retardation, seizures, and tuberous sclerosis sensory problems. Many children with ASD are very sensitive to certain sounds, textures, taste, and smells (Allen & Cowdery). Other forms of ASD is Rett’s disorder (Allen & Cowdery). It’s known as Rett syndrome is diagnosed primarily in females. Diagnosis is often made on the basis of the repetitive gestures and hand…

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  • Misconceptions About Autism

    Symptoms usually start appearing before the age of three, impairing a child’s aptitude to communicate and relate. The first study was recorded in 1943, when Leo Kanner realized that some children were sluggishly slow in learning new concepts. This did not fit with the pattern of emotionally disturbed children and thus a completely unrelated issue. Hans Asperger made his own inquiries and observations, working independently from Leo. His inroads into the study are the reason for the naming of…

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  • Hydrotherapy Study

    skills, aquatic programs at least 10 weeks in duration can effect improvement in aquatic skills in children with autism, by means of learning methods well-used with autistic children, such as the Constant delay procedure, Regarding physical fitness improvements following aquatic activity, it is difficult to draw conclusions based on the results obtained in only three studies. Recommendations for future research include the application of aquatic programs with a higher weekly frequency, as well…

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