Rett Syndrome Reflection

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What activities took place during this session?
The first session was with one student, I will refer to her as Janet. Janet is an eighth grade female that has Rett Syndrome. Janet has many symptoms that are typical of a child with Rett syndrome. She has severe cognitive disabilities, she is nonverbal, has severe scoliosis, which is a curvature in her spine. Janet’s spine is “S” shaped. Because of her spine and her cognitive disabilities Janet is in a wheel chair. She also has no ability to chew or swallow on her own and therefor has a gastrostomy tube. Janet sees Ms. Winters three times a week.
In this session Ms. Winters worked on stretching Janet’s muscles and positioning her in four different positions. She explained that sitting and lying with assistance outside of her wheelchair is crucial in maintaining some muscle function and tone. Janet was lifted out of her wheelchair with a manual hoist. Ms. Winters was assisted with the lift by a paraprofessional that regularly works with Janet. After being placed on the bed/table area the first position Janet was placed into was on her stomach with a bolster type pillow under her chest. Ms. Winters placed an iPad with Dora the Explorer playing on it. This forced Janet to lift her
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Oeftger, my cooperating teacher does. They meet on a monthly basis and incorporate many exercises in the classroom. For example, Katie has a handful of yoga poses that Ms. Winters has recommended she work on in her free time or at home. Mrs. Oeftget has brought those yoga poses into her classroom. She has Katie “lead” yoga lessons while the rest of the class does them with her. I think recognizing that it would be beneficial to all of her students is great. It also keeps Katie doing the poses as well as empowers her being a leader who has been trained in how to do the poses. I would defiantly support the PT’s ideas and allowing it into my classroom as a piece for all to use is a great way to do

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