Revitalization movement

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  • Revitalization Movement Summary

    Introduction This reaction paper explains “Revitalization movements” by referencing to ideas presented in the book–– Social and Cultural Anthropology: A Very Short Introduction and an article published in American Anthropologist. Revitalization movements can be described as “deliberate, organized attempts made by some members of a society to construct a more satisfying culture by rapid acceptance of a pattern of multiple innovations” (Wallace 1970: 188). I found this topic intriguing because it made me ponder that why is it so important for people to have a religion that explains everything in their society. It made me wonder that instead of abandoning their religion, people accept and cause small changes to it so that it best fits their life. Summary of book The book begins by speculating that major religions appeared as revitalization movements in various ways. The book posits that a prophet often tries to find a better answer to people’s everyday problems and gains the support of masses; these supporters are crucial to institutionalization of the movement. The book…

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  • Reflective Essay: Shame In The Church Of Nazarne

    I love the church and have dedicated my life to serving within the church, I also hate parts of the church. Shame is something I hate, and shame became something I wanted to understand on a much deeper level. I first became aware of shame within my theological views when I questioned the church’s beliefs. Even though I felt shame, my exploration continued. Later, I discovered the work and research of Dr. Brené Brown focusing on shame resilience. Brown’s philosophies and research gave language…

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  • Environmental Conservation Essay

    In our current time, our planet is facing severe environmental crisis. The future of the human race is uncertain to our indiscriminate consumption of resources and irresponsible pollution on Earth. Environmental problems such as climate change account for one of the biggest issues in the world today. Due to the lack of exposure and education, most people are often unaware or misinformed. Environmental protection is the practice of protecting the natural environment for the benefit of all living…

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  • Environmental Goals And Reflection

    away after they had hands on time with the worms and learned about their importance. That experience was a defining moment in my life and cemented my love for the environment. My colorful experience in the topic of environmental issues is not equivalent in the topic of diversity and racial issues. I have never been to a protest for any social justice movements. Frankly, I have been apathic to the subject, often ignoring the issues at hand and hoping for the best. My family on my mom’s side…

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  • John Taylor Gatto Against School Analysis

    she can hone social skills, but also so that he or she is forced to build the foundation that will allow him or her to become an independent and innovative thinker. The fact that an extremely large portion of the American population has acquired, thanks to public schooling, necessary logical and social ability has led to a number of social movements in protest against the government and large corporations, many headed by students themselves. Although Gatto insists that schooling has resulted…

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  • Essay On Suburbanization

    Cold War and the fear of the spread of communism that furthered its effects on society resulted in the support for policies to keep immigrants, particularly those who may be communist, out of the United States. If there was an influx of communist immigrants in America, they could cause severe damage to the ideas of democracy and capitalism that America believed in. Communism was a direct threat to American democracy, and the Cold War allowed America to fight communism indirectly, while…

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  • The Failures Of The Civil Rights Movement

    Since its birth, the United States has seen many changes in society. These changes, primarily movements, have almost always are led by citizens, seeking change and reform. With this though, there is nearly always an opposing side, sometimes majority depending on geographical location, but primarily minor in the areas where the movement is most prominent. The three movements I have decided to discuss include; “Civil Rights Movement”, “Feminist Movement”, and “The Great Society”. These three acts…

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  • Cause Of Inequality In The Little Black Boy By Francis Duggan

    plantation period slaves were not supposed to read, write, or marry until the white person approve that, and they used to get punishment if the law were broken. Punishment ranged from imprisonment, lashing and whipping to branding, and death (Williams 1487). The word racism came into practice in English first in 1930, it was used to describe the Nazi regime. Similarly, its use seems increasing to describe the colonial relations, especially between Africa and Europe, and Black-white relations in…

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  • Summary Of The Green Collar Economy

    diseases that ruin crops, and disease carrying insects. These insects can ruin more crops, as they are active for a much longer time. We humans add about seven billion tons of carbon to the atmosphere every year. The temperature shifts are causing destructive weather changes throughout the world. It is estimated that our planet will be subject to extreme drought by the end of the century. The World Bank predicts that two thirds of the global population will suffer from lack of access to…

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  • The Handmaiden's Tale Analysis

    evolved from a movement to return to more traditional roles for women and men based on the patriarchal structure of the Bible. Through a violent coup, blamed on Islamic extremist, the President, and Congress are killed, the Constitution suspended, the central government is essentially abolished and the military takes control, slowly censoring the news sources, and eventually transforming into a theocracy. Is there any realistic possibility of events like the text happing in America today given…

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