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  • Weather Underground History

    and due process chasing the Weathermen. (Jacobs, 1997) COINTELPRO While their open militancy and violent protest colors much of the Weather Underground’s history, the Weathermen also revealed still-startling facts about classified FBI operations. In 1971, as part of the Citizen’s Commission to Investigate the FBI, several Weathermen broke into FBI offices in Pennsylvania and stole documents detailing the FBI’s ongoing program COINTELPRO. (Jacobs, 1997) COINTELPRO had been rumored to exist for some time, but was staunchly denied by the US government and the FBI themselves. It was series of secret, organized projects seeking to discredit, defame, infiltrate, and eliminate high-profile political organizations and individuals the FBI deemed “subversive” around the country. The papers detailed these activities—from threatening letters intended to push Martin Luther King Jr. to suicide (Churchill & Vander Wall 2002), to the assassination of Fred Hampton, to the covert surveillance of Albert Einstein and Robert Kennedy, to the degradation and misinformation spread about the Black Panthers and the New Left, including the SDS itself. The FBI’s actions under COINTELPRO are exhaustive and extensive, and seemingly every political group and notable individuals with beliefs considered outside of the mainstream was targeted at one time or another. The full known extent of COINTELPRO is detailed by Churchill and Vander Wall in The COINTELPRO Papers, and summarized as such: “The inescapable…

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  • Malcolm X Civil Rights Movement

    political freedoms (Black Panther Party). In response to the Black Panthers carrying weapons, they proposed gun control legislation, which banned the carrying of loaded weapons in public (Black Panther Party). Black Panther Party members outraged by the California legislation to call for gun control to keep African Americans powerless against police brutality and white aggression they entered the capital in a militant formation and those who protested were arrested (Black Panther Party). They…

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  • The Civil Rights Movement Of The Black Panther Party

    "Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale's insistence that they be allowed to patrol black neighborhoods with firearms immediately involved them in violent confrontations with the police." (Conlin). The F.B.I soon began planning extreme measures to shut the Black Panther Party down, as well as all of its members. On June 5th James Meredith started a March Against Fear from Memphis to Jackson to protest against racism. After police shot him down, the revolution took a turning point. Blacks became more…

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  • Essay On Discrimination In The Military

    African-American not only faced injustices in everyday society but also in the military. During the commencement of World War I, a large portion of the African-American community saw the war as a chance to demonstrate their patriotism and to take their place as equal citizen in the United States (Williams OL). Over a million African-Americans responded to the draft calls they received and an estimate of 370,000 were inducted into the army to fight during World War I, the war that would make the…

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  • Black Panther Party Essay

    The Revolution The Black Panther Party stands for revolutionary unity with all people fighting against the forces of imperialism and racism. The party was determined to fight against the government concerning minority races based upon self-defense. They were tasked with establishing real social, political equality with no existence of racism. They were a group of people that dedicated their lives to a political program involving armed resistance to state authority. The party was deeply…

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  • Theme Of Bravery In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

    During the 1950s, racism was prominent. Many people, displaying bravery, spoke out and protested against segregation. Of these people, one prominent person whose legacy left an impact, is Rosa Parks. as she was sat in her seat on the bus that would take her home the bus driver approached her and asked her to leave her seats so that white people can sit in it. Being the brave person she is she refused and stood up to the bus driver. Consequently, Parks was arrested, jailed, and fined. Rosa Parks…

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  • Dolores Huerta In American History

    All throughout American History we have been taught about the Slavery, Civil rights movements, the presidents and many many wars. But, something that is always very much overlooked has been Dolores Huerta and Mexican American history in general. I believe that the knowledge to understand and to know who is Dolores and What she did to offer the Mexicans in the United States is something essential to fully understand the entirety of American History. Which sadly, like I mentioned before is…

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  • What Is The Kwame Cannon's Role In The Civil Rights Movement

    On the condition that there was a new organization which developed from the Greensboro Association for Poor People (GAPP), new ideologies emerged which was a more narrowed focus on social and economic injustices. This train of thought was common to the entire working class in the region because the individuals who had jobs, were being taught that there were workings of racism that were particularly articulated in the workplace. The newly formed organization was known as the Workers Viewpoint…

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  • Summary Of The Book The Unlikely Secret Agent

    When it comes to racial crimes and segregation there is nothing more depressing than talking about how many times our world has been through it. It has happened throughout our entire lives and sadly it still happens today. The devastation and violence from these acts have shaped the way our society is and it’s not necessarily good. As a white male I can’t say I have ever been part of any minority group, but as a white female in South Africa during the 1960s you could say it was quite shocking to…

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  • How Did The Ku Klux Klan Impact The Civil Rights Movement

    The KKK, known as the Ku Klux Klan. Founded officially on the 24th December 1865, one of Americas most feared groups. The Klan successfully achieved a huge membership and exceeded 4 million people. Only having eyes for one culture, being purely racist with no room for equality. The Ku Klux Klan fought to oppose the rights of the African Americans, with the main focus in the civil rights era where it was a major problem. How did the KKK impact the civil rights movement and did they stop the…

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