Malcolm X : Advancement Of The Movement Essays

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Shubh Patel
Mr. Maurer
American History
31 January 2016
Malcolm X: Advancement of the Movement
Malcolm X born Malcolm Little, had a difficult beginning to his story. His family, threatened by the Ku Klux Klan, had to move several times to avoid encountering them. At a very young age of six years old he had learned of his father’s death. Malcolm and his siblings had been separated to a variety of families because of his mother’s illness. Malcolm dropped out of school and begun his life as a criminal which led to him receiving a ten year sentence for burglary. In prison his new life begins. He learned Muhammad 's teachings and he also opened up his vocabulary by going through the words in the dictionary. After being released from prison he went out to meet Elijah Muhammad where he changed his name to now known as Malcolm X and joined the Nation of Islam. He was an important speaker for the Black Muslims. His talent at speaking helped spread the Nation of Islam’s message. While there was a push for racial integration, Malcolm X and his fellow Black Muslims called for racial separation. He did not approve of the African Americans who used nonviolence to succeed integration and he promoted self-defense when confronted by white aggression (Encyclopedia of World Biography). Soon after he was suspended from speaking for ninety days for commenting that President Kennedy’s assassination was “The chicken’s coming home to roast” (Malcolm X). Malcolm X decides to leave the Nation of…

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