Malcolm X Civil Rights Movement

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Shubh Patel
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American History
31 January 2016
Malcolm X: Advancement of the Movement
Malcolm X born Malcolm Little, had a difficult beginning to his story. His family, threatened by the Ku Klux Klan, had to move several times to avoid encountering them. At a very young age of six years old he had learned of his father’s death. Malcolm and his siblings had been separated to a variety of families because of his mother’s illness. Malcolm dropped out of school and begun his life as a criminal which led to him receiving a ten year sentence for burglary. In prison his new life begins. He learned Muhammad 's teachings and he also opened up his vocabulary by going through the words in the dictionary. After being released from prison he
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At these lunch counters they were denied access to service and so they refused to leave. This spread to other students and soon more than seventy thousand students had contributed to this movement (Activists, Rebels and Reformers). The freedom rides were also associated with SNCC. They rode the bus through the interstates in the south to test the supreme court’s decision on the desegregation of interstate buses and transportation facilities (Activists, Rebels and Reformers). They encountered a lot of aggression and were brutally beat. Concluding the freedom rides, many resources of the SNCC had been focused on to Mississippi because it was the most segregated state. They started by beginning a voter registration campaign. Many of the civil rights workers helping with this found that only a few had joined the state’s voter rolls in return for the beating they took from the whites. The last move they had before they split up was the freedom summer. The biggest problem lies in the state of Mississippi with most killings and only five percent of eligible voters were registered. The SNCC called for volunteers to persuade voters in Mississippi to come vote. These volunteers went to each home and established community centers, health clinics, and freedom kitchens. About fifty schools were founded to provide education for African American children. …show more content…
They had adopted Malcolm X’s “the ballot or the bullet” and “by any means necessary” philosophies (Black Panther Party). They were formed to defend against police brutality. To counter police brutality they accepted the armed self-defense tactics in order to protect themselves. Some Black Panthers kept an eye on police with their cameras and law books. Newton and Seale describe the meaning of the panther mascot to essentially be peaceful until provoked or put in danger. There are cases of police brutality coming into view today as well but it’s only a few officers not all. The ten point program was concocted by Seale and Newton which called for jobs, decent housing, quality education, end to police brutality, and political freedoms (Black Panther Party). In response to the Black Panthers carrying weapons, they proposed gun control legislation, which banned the carrying of loaded weapons in public (Black Panther Party). Black Panther Party members outraged by the California legislation to call for gun control to keep African Americans powerless against police brutality and white aggression they entered the capital in a militant formation and those who protested were arrested (Black Panther Party). They gradually became more open to forming alliances with other race organizations. The Black Panther Party caught FBI’s attention and was

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