Social Media Violence: The Black Lives Matters Movement

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Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” In 2016, Black people feel as if their lives do not matter and they refuse to remain silent about that any longer. With bad media portrayal to police brutality, Blacks feel as if their lives have been diminished to less than human. Blacks do not feel safe in their own country; they do not feel protected by their law enforcement. Therefore, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement was created in the hopes of changing the way Black lives are treated by the police. However, social media plays a huge role in the depiction and spreading of the movement. From the invention of video recording and instant uploading to the impact Twitter has held, the Black Lives Matter movement has grown in success in an extremely …show more content…
It forces the community to come together as one and address the injustices inflicted upon the members of the race. The movement strives to impact the world and to put a stop to police brutality. The protesters have been striving for three years now and it does not seem like they plan to slow down anytime soon. The Black community wants the world to know that their lives matter too. The movement is not meant to tear down or demean the lives of any other race. The movement is an action call for equality. Coupled with the given circumstances of the times, the media will be behind them every step of the way. The media can be there in the form of social media playing the cheerleader encouraging the movement and being the carrier pigeon and spreading their message. The media can also be playing devil’s advocate and painting the movement as racist and heinous and tearing down the movement every step of the way. The media can impact any and every movement. In regards to the Black Lives Matter movement, the media generally does a pretty good job in uplifting and supporting the

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