Black Hashtag

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The power of social media lies in its tremendous ability to connect, enlighten, and persuade large numbers of people at once. Twitter, a one hundred and forty character messenger, lies at the heart of colloquial discussion and social empowerment for six hundred and fifty million users (worldwide). A sub-platform within the Twitter hub is “Black Twitter”. Black Twitter serves as a modern form of armamentaria and a virtual safe space used to promote and ignite discussions concerning black life and culture. Black people throughout the entire African diaspora use hashtags and the “Black Twitter” arena to activate and inspire discourse about race, gender, economic, and political ideas that are often times eliminated from mainstream platforms. Hashtags are metadata tags that are used to organize and identify tweets/photos in such a way that increases the impact that the ideas or beliefs (in the tweet), have on fellow tweeters. …show more content…
Furthermore, the hashtags that showcase moments of black excellence and prompt solidarity against racial injustice receive the greatest recognition and light. In considering the intentions and accomplishments of hashtags, it has been a matter of contention about whether or not hashtags can serve as a form of activism. For all of its convenience, social media hashtag activism (in general) has yet to fruitfully encourage the same respect and appreciation as that of demonstrative activism. However, in spite of the glaring dismissal of this unconventional form of activism is the existent evidence of social change and conversation sparked by hashtag activism. I indubitably agree that “Black Twitter” and the use of hashtag activism serve as amplifiers for suppressed voices and that in itself is a form of

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