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  • Assignment 1: CEO Of Salesforce

    1999. (Unknown 2016). Benioff was considered a visionary for many different reasons, but the main reason he is known as a visionary for is his passion for innovation. “Benioff has been widely recognized for his visionary leadership and pioneering innovations.” (Unknown 2016). He is considered a social activist because he has a strong passion for social change. Which brings us to the next topic of his 1:1:1 model. “Benioff created the 1-1-1 model of philanthropy, which leverages the resources of Salesforce to improve communities around the world: donating 1% of Salesforce’s product, 1% of its equity and 1% of employees ' time to help nonprofits achieve their missions.” (Unknown 2016). General Collin Powell raised a good point why Benioff could undergo scrutiny. “Retired Gen. Colin Powell, a Salesforce director, says he recently advised Mr. Benioff that his advocate persona may subject him and Salesforce to unwanted scrutiny.”…

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  • Why Is Colin Powell Important

    Who is Colin Powell you're probably wondering? Why is he so significant? I can answer your questions! Colin Powell was a considerable and a well-made man. He accomplished many tasks that resulted in him receiving many awards and achievements in his life due to the good choices he made and the tenacity he exhibit.The strengths that made him rise to success were drilled into as he drilled his ancillary in military strategies. For instance, he went to City College of New York and graduated with…

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  • Freedom Of Speech By Colin Powell

    Think about the state of our country right now; Do you believe that speeches from the past can predict our country? I most certainly do. In a commencement speech by Colin Powell presented for Howard University in 1994, Powell talks about several adversities and issues, such as freedom of speech at Howard University, the moving forward of several countries, having pride in your race and heritage, and how if you want to succeed in life, you must be prepared to go through copious of adversities and…

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  • Colin Powell Thesis Statement

    Colin Powell is an African-American man, who was a solider for the Dessert Storm operation, and got ranked up to becoming a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army. He then worked as the National Security advisor, and later become the chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Which lead him to later become the first African-American to become the Secretary of State in the White House while under President George W. Bush’s first term in office. His position of being the first African-American…

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  • Military Leadership: Colin Powell A Military Leader

    Have you ever thought about being a military leader? You’re reading the right passage. Here is someone you can look up to, one of America’s greatest leaders, Colin Powell. Today in history Colin Powell is known to be a kind, smart, generous, and brave human being. Powell’s successful career is proof of his hard work and diligence. He served in the US Army and was eventually the US Secretary of State. This is a highly honored position appointed by the President. Colin Powell was…

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  • Compare And Contrast Mare Montessori And Colin Powell

    Comparing and Contrasting: Dr. Maria Montessori and General Colin Powell When talking about education, two names may come to mind: Dr. Maria Montessori and General Colin Powell. Dr. Montessori was a highly important teacher, and physician in 1914. She helped create a school system that focused on the needs of the student, instead of standardized testing. Colin Powell was a commander of the U.S Army Forces in 1989, and has been making appearances in the last few years at different schools;…

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  • Edward Bok And Colin Powell: A Comparative Analysis

    allow his struggles to stop him from pursuing his dreams. Bok writes about America’s limitless opportunities and refers it as the “land of opportunity”. Colin Powell, the first African American Secretary of State, writes about his parents’ immigration from Jamaica to America and discusses the effect of 9/11 on America. Both Edward Bok and Colin Powell convey an optimistic and inspirational tone and develop the idea of “land for all” and “land of opportunity” through the use of connotative…

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  • Colin Powell: True American Dream Ideal

    Colin Powell exemplifies the true American dream ideal. Through his achievements in life, he has demonstrated that despite one’s humble beginning, family status or socioeconomic background, self-discipline is the determining factor between success and failure. I chose Colin Powell as we share the same parental background – his father from the parish of ST. Elizabeth in Jamaica, as is my mother and so there may be just a bit of bias in the selection. Colin Powell, with beginnings in humble poor…

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  • How Did Colin Powell Get To The Top

    Do you know Colin Powell’s story of how he got to the top? He was a great person and worked hard all of his life. He chose all day every day to be a successful military leader. He was best known for serving our country four star general in the Army. Powell’s choices drastically changed his life to success. It’s no mystery that Colin Powell was a successful person. He was always on the top and proceeded to get higher. He was a person with a kind heart and helped other people by serving his…

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  • Always Do Your Very Best: Colin Powell

    “Always do your very best!” This is the theme that inspired Colin Powell throughout his life. He learned to live this mantra from his parents, the army, and his strong courage. Colin Powell never truly excelled in academics or in physical activities, but his parents kept pushing him to do his best. Colin said himself, ‘Their attitude was “Do your best-we’ll accept your best, but nothing less.”’ Colin’s parents wanted him to attend college to strive to be a better student, and for him to work…

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