Collateral consequences of criminal charges

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  • Chapter Two Similarities Between Prisons And Jails

    around their drug-sniffing dogs. If the dogs start barking at a car that is assumed to be carrying drugs, that is another excuse of probable cause. In summary, Alexander pays close attention to the law’s actions more than the people who are arrested. However, Irwin looked at the individuals who were arrested extremely closely, while coming up with nine types of disreputable people. Whether they were petty hustlers, square Johns, crazies, or low riders, they all had something about them that attracted the law enforcement. From both authors, readers are learning that jails are obviously not holding the right people for the right reasons. Society has to know the real purpose of jail. Automatically we hear jail and we think of vicious criminals and then produce negative stigmas. We must keep in mind a jails main intention is to hold the rabble (disorderly crowd), not other persons. The offenders are held there, tried for crime they committed and then find out if they are found guilty or not. If they are found guilty they will be faced with some sort of punishment.…

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  • Car Parts Store Swot Analysis

    George can argue against what John is doing as unethical because it is illegal and under the ethical framework of slippery slope and overvaluing outcomes. Under the ethical framework of slippery slope, John by lying to George even that he was just dealing with returns from earlier and that it was a regular routine done at night, is unable to recognize his own unethical behavior and may just continue his illegal actions because he sees no harm in it, until he is finally caught and facing criminal…

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  • Incarceration Of Offenders Essay

    The purpose of Incarceration of offenders and the criminal justice processes in general is to ensure that criminals are punished for their crimes however more recently research has found that this follows with some collateral consequences. The states punishment is projected further than just the offender, social networks associated with the offender become affected. and become secondary victims to the crime, however they are not given as much support as victims are and subsequently Collateral…

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  • Eye In The Sky Ethical Dilemmas

    when conflicts arise and the effects are negative consequences. The best way to decide is by thinking it and observing the pros and cons of the situation, then applying your own morals/ethics. As a Christian, my moral principles are different from other people. Religion plays a big role in how I manage my daily life…

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  • Competency Case Studies

    well as his mental ability to tell all the facts concerning the crime he is accused to have committed. Whom would you want to interview for collateral contact about him and what information could they provide you to help determine competency? The appropriate person to interview about Edward’s collateral contact would be his sister. She will be in a position to provide his brother’s violent behavior since his childhoods given the parents are no more Standards for determining competency to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Prison Experience

    daily. I am not proud of the choices I have made yet I am distressed by the lifetime of consequences I have and will continually endure. Despite these consequences I have not given up hope of a better life to come. With seven years of personal experience, I can assert with confidence that by enduring the criminal conviction process, the racial disparities within the system, the current utilization of convict leasing and physical and mental abuse, and continuing mental and legal effects, that the…

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  • Incarceration And Poverty: An Analysis Of The Criminal Justice System

    When someone becomes incarcerated and categorized as a criminal, it has many effect not only on the person but the people around them too. Criminals should be punished for their crimes, however, the severe treatment they are put through as well as the family they can no longer support from behind bars adds more problems. The illegal decisions that have been made lead to financial problems, family issues, and makes it harder to adjust back into the real world once their time is served. Criminals…

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  • Domestic Violence Effects On Women

    The legal systems limitations, in some cases, cause women to commit more aggressive crimes. The unforeseen consequences, intertwined with the media, legal system, and neglect of women within a society contribute to the rate of women who murder their spouses. Their significant others’ abusive tendencies go underpublicized while to those women who are killed by their partners due to the many circumstances. Women who kill their abusive husbands are not treated as victims, but as criminals in a…

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  • Documentary Analysis: The Black Lives Matter Movement

    Testimony was given by over ten individuals, who ranged from scholars and activists to politicians and lawyers. One of the notable interviewees was Michelle Alexander, a civil rights lawyer and author of the 2010 book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. Alexander is highly qualified and well versed in the issues surrounding the U.S criminal justice system. In her research, Alexander states that “we have not ended racial caste in America; we have merely redesigned…

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  • Juvenile Delinquency Research

    Children are often considered the future of our country. While this might be true, what kind of future will the country have if children under the age of eighteen accounted for sixteen percent of the incarcerated population in the US. Meanwhile, nationwide reports of juvenile crime are reliably high, with juveniles representing 38% of the incarcerated population. Juvenile delinquency generally falls into two categories: status offenses and criminal offenses. Status offenses are acts that if…

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