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  • Coaching: Collaboration In Schools

    Coaching. Begin typing here. Collaboration. Carroll (2014) viewed collaboration as an essential contributor to a school’s culture and a means to transform schools into learning organizations. School leadership is required to support planned, ongoing collaboration. District leadership, by providing job-embedded professional development and “fostering collaboration around instructional improvement” (p. 8), can help building leaders establish a collaborative school climate. This is one of the few policy documents that expanded leadership to the district level, thus recognizing that principals need district-level support to transform the working conditions in their buildings. Collegiality. Ladd (2011) stated that collegiality, or the “relationships between school leaders and teachers and interactions among teachers” (p. 237) is a fundamental workplace condition in schools. This finding is supported by Johnson et al. (2011) in their analysis of data on job satisfaction, career intentions, and workplace conditions by Massachusetts teachers. Johnson et al. (2011) asserted that “social conditioning – the school’s culture, the principal’s leadership, and…

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  • Sandwich Blitz Case Study

    There is a major need for an active team environment within Sandwich Blitz, Inc. due to overload of work that solely on the shoulders of Dalman and Lei. The difference between the traditional and team environments that Sandwich Blitz Inc. presently has compared to what it can become will ultimately catapult the business into a major corporation. Presently we see Sandwich Blitz Inc. operating with the traditional approach which encompasses the managers to determine and plan work schedules and…

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  • Collegial Theory In College

    authored by Sanders (1973), which identifies collegiality as “marked by a sense of mutual respect for the opinions of others, by agreement about the canons of good scholarship, and by a willingness to be judged by one’s peers” (Birnbaum, 1988, p. 87). Birnbaum continues to provide characteristics of a collegial system that closely line up with the ideals found in the admission office at Muskingum University. For example, interaction between employees is informal, decisions are made by…

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  • The Importance Of School Culture Survey

    I distributed the school culture survey to ten of my co-workers. After collecting the survey I analyzed the data for each item and averaged the responses for each. Then I determined the mean of means for each subcategory. I was surprised to learn that for our school the mean for each of the subcategories was rather low. The data from our school indicated the mean for morale was the highest at 2.9. Our lowest mean was in collegiality with a 2.6 and knowledge base use was a 2.7. After analyzing…

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  • NOD Continuity Binder Case Study

    The activity was part of the NOD Continuity Binder –an effort by Ms. Smith and myself to improve the efficiency of the nursing supervisors at the facility. During todays practicum I grasped the importance of remaining flexible. Hospital administrators and even governing agencies can change regulations or expectations suddenly. As nurse managers we must be willing to adapt to change and to do so swiftly so that our units stay up to date with mandates. Ms. Smith’s flexibility and willingness to…

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  • School Leadership Practices Essay

    vision of what schools can be, and guided by a mission that has the best interests of all students at its core, (McEwan, 2003). From a shared vision then school leaders can obtain shared leadership because the school now has a direction. Carrying out the vision is promulgated through administration. They become that vision with fidelity, through their assistant principals, support staff, through grade level and content level chairs, through professional learning communities, and the…

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  • Frederick Douglass's Whistleblowing Case

    He is obligated to his company he works for to stand by the final decisions his company makes, even if he does not agree with these decisions. His duty of loyalty when “weighed” against the public is more important. It is more important because when he decided to work at this company he decided to put his obligations for this company before any other obligations he had. Also in this case Douglas’s friend brought the defect to the company’s attention but they refused to do anything till the…

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  • Role Of Leadership In Nursing Leadership

    In order to be effective member of the community, the nurse educator must use her knowledge about the current trends to solve the educational issues, determining own professional goal to facilitate the mission of the organization, being an advocate for nursing profession, assuming a leadership role in various levels of institutional governance and Integrating the values of respect, collegiality, professionalism, and caring environment to facilitate educational environment (NLN, 2005). In my…

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  • Leadership In Education

    direction. This is similar to the ‘collegiality’ that Hammersely-Fletcher considers in a primary context. Other contributors have sought to define leaders according to their attributes, Heck (2009) considers ‘distributed’ leadership, alongside Harris and Spillane’s(2016)comprehensive view of distributive leadership they consider key factors in school, whilst SEN examples are given, these are within the mainstream context, whilst Crippen (2012) focuses more on ‘followership’ but only in the…

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  • Dental Hygiene Reflective Essay Examples

    obtain especially when they have to diagnose based on the information collected by the hygienist and not clinically examined by themselves. Physician consultation was sought as patient 's condition was consider 'rare ' (immunosuppressants is used to relieve pain from arthritis not cancer treatment) and may jeopardise their safety during care. There are limited research articles on the interdisciplinary communication and I think this may be due to the fact that this concept is still relatively…

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