The Importance Of School Culture Survey

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I distributed the school culture survey to ten of my co-workers. After collecting the survey I analyzed the data for each item and averaged the responses for each. Then I determined the mean of means for each subcategory. I was surprised to learn that for our school the mean for each of the subcategories was rather low. The data from our school indicated the mean for morale was the highest at 2.9. Our lowest mean was in collegiality with a 2.6 and knowledge base use was a 2.7. After analyzing the data collected from the School Culture Survey I determined that our school could improve in each area presented in the survey. A summary of the data follows.
Our school staff believes:
• About half the time we have collegiality relationships.
• About
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One of the main things I would do to increase in this area is to create a positive school climate. I feel it is important for the administration of a school to have an ongoing relationship with all of the schools stakeholders. However, I believe having a good working relationship with the schools teachers is the key to a positive school climate. This I feel will encourage teachers to develop strong relationships with their students and their student’s caregivers. Relationships teachers have with students influence everything within a school. When students feel that their teachers like and respect them they will be more successful academically as well as …show more content…
I believe it is very hard to develop sound relationships with your staff if the only interactions you have with them are during professional development days or when you are evaluating them. Therefore, one of the first steps I would take is to make an effort to be consistently visible throughout the school. I also think it is important to give teachers a chance to get to know students on an individual basis. Our school has had a senior mentoring program for several years. Each staff member is assigned a senior and provided time to spend with them. This time is used to get know them, offer them help with classes, or help with personal matters. Just this year we expanded our mentoring program to include all of our students. Every student at our school has a person within the school who they can talk to at any time. Our director requested that we make contact with our assigned student(s) at least twice a week. The interactions are up to the mentor and could be as simple as patting them on the back and letting them know we are there if they need us. I have experienced the power of these interactions first hand and would employ there use as a school leader. Another step I would take toward increasing morale is to include relationship building activities into every in-service the school has. These activities would be simple ways for all of our staff to get to know one

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