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  • Manichean Texts

    of the Doctrines of Mani, and the Traité Pelliot. These are significant because they are some of the only written documents we have of the Manicheans so they are important to historians in researching the Manichean people. They are also important because they were recovered by major explorers in the 1900s. Now they sit in important museums all over the world. The three Manichean texts from…

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  • The New Testament Summary

    period. In the third chapter the author writes about type of script the New Testament was written in. There are two types of script the books were written in which are uncials or minuscule. Uncials, meaning large letters. Minuscule, meaning small letters. The forth chapter consist of the uncials the Sinaitic Manuscript and its importance. It is important because of the controversy surrounding the discovery, the gift that is was to the Czar, and the missing parts of the text. For the fifth…

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  • Food Regulations Essay

    The main question my group members Laura Aday, Daniela Mejia-Lagos, and I discussed were how food regulation could be enhanced. The topic had dealt with food regulations in agriculture, livestock, and business. Poor food regulations in these areas could lead to health problems, norovirus outbreaks, and other forms of illnesses to the world population. The best solutions to my subtopic, which is business, was for the improvement of workers’ protection and universally accepted food safety laws.…

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  • Genres And Figures Of Speech Essay

    Genres and Figures of Speech Overwhelming for many, the Bible presents challenges as one begins to read it. Written by multiple authors, and inspired by God, it displays a variety of genres and figures of speech sprinkled throughout for the reader to experience. Becoming familiar with several of the different genres and figures of speech within the Bible, a person’s understanding of it will increase. Genres Apodictic Law One of two major types of legal material present in the Old Testament,…

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