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  • Phi Thetappa Honor Society Interview

    I confess to being human, and how I come out of it is making sure I do something for someone else. Preferably for someone who can’t repay me, and it’s a gift. You guys have unfailing have been kind to me threw the years. I mean very honestly its so easy for me to give and you guys give it back more times over. I come away richer and more fulfilled because of my association with you all. “They ask me why I teach. Where else can I find such splined company” a quote by my hero John Wooden and this is how I feel about you guy. That has been the time I walked into a class room in May of 2001 at Cypress College to the present. I’ve always felt that when I walk into a class room that there this special bond between us. As a general rule, there are exception but you guys give as much as I do. That’s why the first day of the semester is just glorious. It is the most perfect day of the semester, I get to meet all these new friends. My worst day of the semester is finals, because I have to say good…

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  • Football Team Culture

    The reason for this is because our values shape us as an organization, it is the reason why we have the unique culture that we have. We have a strong culture, without even noticing it everyone in the organization from the players to the athletic director share certain values, beliefs and assumptions that contributes to the organization. Our most important value, is winning, everyone believes that we can. We believe we can win only because we believe in our organizational values. I know that my…

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  • The Life And Beliefs Of The Revolutionary City Of Williamsburg

    "Give me liberty, or give me death", the famous concluding words of Patrick Henry 's proposal to collect a militia for Virginia 's defense on March 23, 1775, to the Second Virginia Convention held at Richmond, has rung through the ears of the American people for centuries. As a strong supporter of the freedom attained by the colonial people of the Revolutionary City of Williamsburg, Virginia, Henry was one amongst many our nation 's forefathers to spark the efforts to commence a new nation based…

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  • Machiavelli's The Prince Character Analysis

    and capability. In order to be a successful man one must be both skillful and lucky (with luck being subservient to the virtuous man). In 1775 New York City, the atmosphere was a dangerous one. Two factions warred an internal war while the overarching threat of a British invasion sent shivers down every citizen’s spine. The decision that needed to be made was reconciliation or independence, and everyone had an agenda. Every potential politician or rebel needed a wealth of virtù and fortuna.…

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  • College Athletes Should Be Paid

    One can say being a full time student and college athlete is like having two full-time jobs. Student athletes are working non-stop day in and day out to not only meet academic standards but to maintain their athletic scholarship. College athletes bring millions of dollars to universities, but in return, they only receive small monthly stipends for food. With every sporting event, each student-athlete gives their all not knowing if they will get seriously injured or not. Yes, they are students,…

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  • Should Student Athletes Be Paid

    While the athletes are paying other students are out working making a job, but these students are out working to pay the debt that the athletes do not have. Student-athletes are amateurs who choose to participate in intercollegiate athletics as part of their educational experience, thus maintaining a distinction between student-athletes who participate in the collegiate model and professional athletes who might be students as well. Participation in collegiate sports is not a student-athlete 's…

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  • Essay On The NCAA Amateurism System

    One of the largest on going issues dealing with the injustice that is the current NCAA rule system is the limited spreading of wealth/profit within the institutions. This can be seen in the tremendous profits schools make yearly due to their athletic programs. Where the problem/injustice comes into play here is in how the colleges/institutions are able to get away with not spreading their wealth/profits to those have earned compensation. I believe this is a direct result to the rule system in…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Paying College Athletes

    spinning out of control. First of all, this topic has gone way, way back, “The idea of paying college athletes to compete dates back to what is considered to be the first intercollegiate competition… a group of 62 university presidents convened to form the Intercollegiate Athletic Association in 1906. This group evolved into the NCAA in 1910, but as a group it only possessed supervisory power,” (The Sport Journal). This dispute has really gone back over 100 years. It is crazy that something…

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  • Roommates In College

    Attending Buena Vista University it seems as if everyone plays a sport, the small campus and even smaller student body creates an environment that puts an emphasis on athletics. In my three years attending Buena Vista, I have had two different roommates, both athletes themselves. Living with athletes creates challenges and opportunities that are special to athletes. For a washed up high school athlete getting the chance to live vicariously through some of my best friends at the collegiate level…

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  • A Weberian Approach

    Understanding the Role of the Football Manager in Britain and Ireland: A Weberian Approach I‘ve always known about the difference that in UK football there are no head coaches of football clubs but there are managers. Maybe I had some notions why it was like this and what were the basic differences between being head coach or manager. But when I discovered this article, as a big fan of football and the English one especially, I really felt the need of fully understanding the role of the football…

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