Phi Thetappa Honor Society Interview

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Profile of Mister William Ashcraft
It’s a cool spring after noon on Friday and Araria Campus has some lingering students, teachers and campus workers. Some have classes, meeting to attended, papers to write, or papers to grade. As I head to my interview with Mister William Ashcraft in the kings building on the 5th floor. I hear 60s rock music coming from his office, as I walk in he, is sitting behind is desk grading papers. A man over 50 years old standing about 5’6 foot tall. He wore a light blue shirt, that brought out his bright blue eyes, tucked into his tan kicky pants and dark brown shoes.
Mr. Bill, he likes to be called, is a professor at the Community College of Denver. The head director of the history department, an alumni of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and teaches about five classes. Off campus, he is getting his P.HD and attending
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I confess to being human, and how I come out of it is making sure I do something for someone else. Preferably for someone who can’t repay me, and it’s a gift. You guys have unfailing have been kind to me threw the years. I mean very honestly its so easy for me to give and you guys give it back more times over. I come away richer and more fulfilled because of my association with you all. “They ask me why I teach. Where else can I find such splined company” a quote by my hero John Wooden and this is how I feel about you guy. That has been the time I walked into a class room in May of 2001 at Cypress College to the present. I’ve always felt that when I walk into a class room that there this special bond between us. As a general rule, there are exception but you guys give as much as I do. That’s why the first day of the semester is just glorious. It is the most perfect day of the semester, I get to meet all these new friends. My worst day of the semester is finals, because I have to say good

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