Should College Athletes Get Paid Research Paper

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Athletes getting paid to play has been discussed for long time now. College athletes feel as if they should be played to play since they are bringing in millions of dollars to the university. Some college athletes feel like they should be getting paid because they are the reason that the university is making millions of dollars, but the university doesn’t feel like they should pay them because they gave them a scholarship that covers the athlete’s tuition, housing and other things too through the whole four years they stay. That’s good and all, but how are the athletes going to get money for other things such as hanging out with friends. Some colleges don’t even let their athletes get jobs. Athletes are putting in 40-60 hours a week for their …show more content…
It covers the tuition and fees for the whole four years you are there. It also covers the course- related books and room and board. That is great that athletes don’t have to pay for those things listed above, but what about when they go out with friends and they have no money. Their family can’t always give them money for things like that. They can’t get jobs because most colleges don’t even let their athletes get jobs. They probably won’t even be able to work anyway because they spend so much of their time focused on their sport. People say that athletes are not going to school for money their going for an education, but everyone that is going or ever went to college has gone to get a good job that pays a lot of money. People don’t just go to college just for the education and be done that would be a waste of time. Athletes sometimes don’t even have time for classes because they are so busy with their sport. “This involvement often conflicted with potential academic time: Afternoon practice conflicted with the required courses or labs in certain majors, games and road trips conflicted with the time athletes needed for exams and term papers, and booster functions cut into their discretionary time. By the end of their first year, most athletes acknowledged that their athletic- related activities affected their academic performance” (Adler and

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