Paid Student Athletes

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Pay for Play?

Dave Anderson, Laura Freedman, Lee Goldman, and Peter Goplereus III have all written articles on whether or not the NCAA should pay their student athletes. Their articles, “Top 10 Reasons College Athletes Should be Paid”, “Pay or Play”, “Should College Athletes Be Paid”, and “No Control Over Their Rights” all provide many reasons as to why student athletes deserve payment. The NCAA is in the wrong for accepting “free labor” from these athletes. Although many student athletes are on scholarships, often times it is not enough, so they deserve fair compensation. The many reasons as to why the NCAA does not pay their athletes, the life of a student athletes is much different than a regular students, the opinions of coaches and players,
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69% of student athletes believe they should be compensated by universities for the amount of money they bring in. With over half of both players and coaches believing in payment for the athletes, it makes one wonder why the NCAA has not changed the rule yet. There are many college football coaches currently making more than professional football coaches. For example, Nick Saban is currently making $7,000,000 a year (Goldman, Lee). This is more than 27 NFL coaches are paid, showing how lucrative the monopoly, that is college sports, is. Because the NCAA is so lucrative, a rule was proposed to give each D1 football and basketball players a mere $150 a month to live on, for clothing and additional food (Goldman, Lee). Although it was not that much money, the rule was not accepted by the NCAA, showing how the NCAA is just using these students to make a profit. Even while making $1,000,000,000 from March Madness, from ticket sales and T.V rights, the NCAA still will not give the player who are earning this money any of it (Parker, Tim). With all this money coming in, the NCAA should be paying their athletes, but they refuse to even give them $150 a …show more content…
A good example of this Johnny Manziel. Texas A&M was selling “Johnny Football” T-shirts with Johnny Manziel 's number(SEC). Johnny Manziel was upset about this because not only could he not make and sell these T-shirts, but the university was profiting off of him and he was not seeing any of that money (SEC). This ties back to the issue that student athletes are not allowed to use their name or likeness for personal gain. Up until 2014, the NCAA had a college football video game called “NCAA Football” where they used players appearances and number. The game was discontinued because the athletes were not receiving compensation, but the same with happening with jersey sales and T.V

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