Essay On Why College Athletes Should Get Paid

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College Athletes Should Get Paid
College athletes are gifted in the world of sports. Every athlete shows up for practice each day and works as hard as they can possibly work. In college, sports are as important as schooling to athletes. Working harder to be number one is the first priority on each athlete 's list of goals. The sports fan base is captivated by the level of play and dedication that college athletes display, only professionals show a higher level of play. Competitors in college sports play the same games and go through hard practices just as professionals do. Professionals get paid millions of dollars and college athletes get paid nothing to go through the same exhausting practice and games. WIthout college players there would
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College athletes practice and prepare for competitions just as intensely as professional athletes do. Athletes that are at the college level have the same expectations that professional athletes do. They have to show up to practice on time, life weights every day, and keep their bodies away from substances that could affect their play. College athletes also get recruited the same as professionals do. They get recruited by college programs after high school if they are good enough to go on to the next level of play. After college, they get recruited on to professional play. While competing in the sport that the athlete has been recruited to compete in while attending college, they get ranked for their level of play. Professional athletes get ranked by their level of play as well and the best athlete gets the highest pay. College athletes only get the fame of being the best instead of being paid to be the …show more content…
Colleges do make money off of their athletic teams and programs, but if a team is not doing wellduring that season, then the sport may lose money because the fan base is less than it would be if that team was doing good enough to be ranked with the top teams. Teams that do not do very good usually do not have key players that attract attention to the team and organization. There is a misconception that athletic programs in general are profitable and institutions are making money hand-over-fist. The truth is that only a fraction of the programs are profitable while most operate at a cost to the institution ( Mitchell 17). Most colleges do not make enough to pay all athletes a good sum of money. Most college athletes aren’t good enough to make it to the next level, so why should they be paid to play a sport that they have no future in? Besides, many athletes get scholarships for tuition, room and board, and textbooks. They aren 't actually given money, but getting those things free is a lot like being paid (Cambio 7). Most of their schooling is paid for by scholarships . They do not deserve to be paid to go to school to get an education to go make money at a job. These athletes have done nothing that entitles them to a salary or hourly

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