Should College Athletes Get Paid

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A main argument in Collegiate level sports is if the student athletes should receive pay or not. Former athletes may argue that a student playing a sport at a university should be paid; some spectators do not see pay for college athletes is a necessity needed. For some athletes tuition, room and board, and book expenses are covered through a full athletic scholarship, and these scholarships are still more than what academic students can receive (Block). What more could the athletes possibly want from the university? The athletes are being noticed throughout the whole country on Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) channels, isn’t the publicity enough plus earning a free college degree? If college athletes were expected to be paid each …show more content…
This quote is stating a prime reason why college athletes should not be paid; the athletes are already receiving money for playing a sport. Why do the athletes need a paycheck on top of thousands of dollars in scholarship money? Numerous college athletes are capable of receiving both athletic and academic scholarships. Many college students have a hard time just paying for a college level education, therefore it is simply unfair for the student’s who choose to go to college for education to not receive a high amount of money in scholarships as well if the athletes get paid on top of his or her scholarship (Block). The athletes should not receive any more treatment than going to college for free, if other students aren’t receiving any more money on top of scholarships as well. Even though students not playing a sport can potentially earn a full scholarship based on academics, he or she would still be going to college for free. Therefore, if he or she also received pay it is not fair to other students who have a difficult time trying to pay the rest of the tuition not given in a

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