Football Team Culture

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Everyone knows that football players enjoy playing football, but what most people do not know is the reasons why. A football team is like a family you have when you are away from your family. When you need someone to lean on there is a coach, a player or even an academic advisor around to help you through your hard times. For my essay I will talk about my family, the James Madison Football team as well as our values and beliefs that shapes the culture of this organization .The football team here at James Madison University has been built on a rich tradition of excellence and has a culture like no other. You have to be respectful at all times because you never know who is watching, you always have to take care of your brother no matter what, …show more content…
The reason for this is because our values shape us as an organization, it is the reason why we have the unique culture that we have. We have a strong culture, without even noticing it everyone in the

organization from the players to the athletic director share certain values, beliefs and assumptions that contributes to the organization. Our most important value, is winning, everyone believes that we can. We believe we can win only because we believe in our organizational values. I know that my coaches and teammates I call my brothers will steer me wrong so I can go out and perform to the best of my ability. Winning is important, yes do not get me wrong. Everybody wants to win we all know that, but if you are winning and are not worshiping your values the win is honestly worthless. This symbolizes how much our values mean to us as players. Because if we do not win nobody would want to see us play or even care about us. Things of that nature are not valued in the organization, if we win we want to do it the right. We rather lose the right way rather than win the wrong way. Players in this organization are not the only ones who value winning the right way, our coaches take pride in our vales as well, one of the most important values that we have is to everything the correct or right way. Not just on the field but off the field as well. That means making it to class on time, being respectable and not
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We have team values for the public and values that only people in the organization know about. Both sets of values have equal importance. Our public values are very important because people look at us differently so we have to be able to stand for something. Treat women with respect, NO drugs, NO weapons, NO stealing and DON’T lie. What these values do for us is prepare us for the real world so we can become a respectable husband and or father. We support our public values. As for organizational values, we are only as strong as the man who is the weakest and if that man is weak so are we, everything you do think about the team, give it your all and lastly “YOUR LAST NAME IS JMU”. These values explain themselves, but they have a deeper meaning to us. Breaking anyone one of these values shows the team that you do not care about what we are fighting for, what we wake up for every day. For most of us all we have is football so we take it serious it is our life this is how we got where we are today. I want to explain in depth the quote “YOUR LAST NAME IS JMU” our head coach tells us this all the time as way to remind us that anything we do out there will be in the newspaper. The tittle of that paper the next day will be “JMU Football player arrested” something along those lines. The point he is trying to make is that when you put on that jersey that say JMU you are fighting for more than yourself. You are fighting for the

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