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  • Pathos, Ethos, And Color Schemes In Advertising

    Things such as pathos, ethos, and color schemes help divulge advertisers’ messages to people. An ad that comes to mind is McDonald’s First Day. In this ad, a young man begins a new employment opportunity and is overwhelmed with the start process. He finally feels appeased when he takes a break from work. The color scheme in this ad plays an enormous factor in conveying the use of pathos and ethos in the ad. In the beginning of the ad, there is a use of dull colors. A man starts his first day of work in a hectic office painted black, brown, gray, white, and light blue. Colors such as black, brown, gray, white, and light blue communicate a message of tediousness. Towards the end, he enters McDonald. In McDonald’s, bright colors such as red,…

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  • Filip Dujardin Summary

    building isn’t real. The use of color is interesting because there is a little splash of color in some spots, but most of the building itself has many different values of gray. This photograph is very interesting because of the shapes which Dujardin decides to use to create the building. This is an…

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  • Old Navy: Differences Between Graphics And Signage

    When customers enter a retail store, the graphics and signage displayed can have a major effect on their opinion towards the store. From the way a sale is being promoted to the displays of their prices--even something as simple as the company logo--signage can make or break the image and message the retailer presents to its desired customers. It is clear to see the differences in the usage of signage and other graphics when analyzing two distinct retailers. Old Navy is one company that has…

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  • The Skin Of Our Teeth Analysis

    costumes for this show felt appropriate as well. I liked how the first two acts had a continuity of color for the Antrobus family and Sabina. The sudden change from each character previously having their own color scheme to just having random colors thrown together in Act III helps portray just how different this world has become. The usage of color was also clever in hinting to the character. Sabina had dark red sprinkled throughout her wardrobe when she could. Dark red is often used to show…

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  • Adam Elsheimer Influence

    international recognition. It was in 1607, during his time in Rome that Elsheimer created one of his most complex paintings, Il Contento, now exhibited in the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh. The piece depicts an episode from the Spanish novel 'Guzman de Alfarache' by Mateo Alemán, where a divine intervention on the human world is shown with a multitude of contrasting elements. Jupiter, unhappy that the citizens have shown exceeding adoration for the god Content (or Fortune), engages…

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  • Creating A Little Boys Bedroom

    from the (supposedly) sinfully wicked color red? Do not mistake 'sultry' for 'oh my gosh, it's coming at me in red!' True, there is plenty of need for red tones and hues, but when compared to the sometimes overdone boudoir, this one is positively muted and demure. So how can the lady of the house transform a so-so master bedroom in a sultry den - all in one weekend? Easy - with five quick and simple steps. 1. Combine cherry red and deep brown. While bright red might be the color mostly…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Murillo's The Young Beggar

    shadow), warm color schemes, brushstrokes, and innate details to express and capture the severity of life during this time period in Spain. The Young Beggar is brought to life by the intricate detail Murillo creates through his art. His realistic still life work that was influenced by other great artists of the time can be seen in many of the objects of the painting. The weaves in the basket and the ridges of the pot add authenticity to the scene, making it more real and connectable for the…

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  • The Importance Of Branding For Your Business Website

    A suitable color scheme for your business website is important to create branding coherent to all marketing avenues. Choosing colors without careful planning, can hurt your business. It can affect brand recognition and credibility, making the business less competitive in the market. This is why you should be careful in picking the colors that would represent your website. A wise businessman would choose a color scheme carefully to avoid damage to his brand. If you are confused on which color…

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  • Painting Slanted Ceiling Essay

    Painting slanted ceilings is a chore, but it may not be as difficult as you might think. Of course, it is always a challenge to paint any ceiling, but once you figure out what colors you are using and how to design your paint color scheme, painting slanted ceilings is just like painting the walls. There are a few things to think about before you start, specifically what colors you want to use for your walls and ceiling, and whether or not you want to distinguish between the ceiling and the wall.…

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  • Importance Of Color In Amelie

    Jean-Pierre Juenet’s Amelie is a beautiful film that uses color to dictate the story in a major way. Color in film can be used to tell information, to symbolize, and to express. Amelie uses all of these functions with mainly the primary colors red, green and blue. In this essay I will describe how the functions of color and its other facets are used to enhance Amelie’s world. Color’s informational function sets the scene in Amelie from the start. The opening scenes of Amelie as a child highlight…

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