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  • Pros And Cons Of Athletic Scholarships

    colleges are considering getting rid of athletic scholarships. Many athletes depend on these scholarships to be able to attend college and without these scholarships, furthering their education and reaching their athletic goals would be impossible. Scholarships are awarded for excelling in certain aspects of a student’s career, and athletics is a huge part of this for some students. While many think of academic standing as the main cause for awarding scholarships, high achievements in athletics should not be forgotten. These athletic scholarships are beneficial to students in several ways including higher performance levels academically and athletically, relieves the amount of debt for students to owe, relieves financial burdens from the families of students receiving the scholarships and using drug testing to help lower the amount of college students abusing drugs. I believe that athletic scholarships should always be awarded to serious athletes who commit themselves, not only in their chosen sports, but academically as well. Across the United States, many families…

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  • Athletic Scholarship Benefits

    Universities need the athletic program just as much as athletes need the athletic program. Although colleges benefit more from the relationship, the only route for athletes is through the university. By having college sports, a university is able to market the athletic department as a reason to come as well as a make a profit from the department. On the other hand, athletes have the chance to study and broaden their knowledge; practice and play against the best athletes; access to the best…

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  • Athletic Scholarship Essay

    Students that have been privileged with an athletic scholarship to play in collegiate sports have to understand that it is not a profession but a linkage to develop contacts with influencers and gatekeepers that will impact their future success into the national leagues or other areas of interest. These student athletes should not be concerned with receiving an annual salary or monthly stipend but focused on the most important component of obtaining a higher education which is to achieve…

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  • Feminist Discrimination Of Women In Sports

    with the game and never looked back… Play for her.” This was said by Mia Hamm, a professional soccer player from Team USA, in a television interview. Consider the outcome, if that “little girl” never got the opportunity to fall in love with a sport because of feminist discrimination. Every generation of adults, who wanted their daughters to have the opportunity to participate in sports, were able to see them play after the passing of Title IX by President Richard Nixon in 1972. Title IX, giving…

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  • The Rewards Of College Athletes

    the heads of college athletes, everyday. They live this story, putting in hard work and time into playing for their school, yet they receive nothing. All these athletes play for the organization known as the National Collegiate Athletic Association or the NCAA for short. The NCAA is a multi-billion dollar business. They accumulate all this money through college student athletes. However these student athletes get a 0% share, in all the money they earned for the company. They can earn nothing…

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  • Title 9 Persuasive Speech On College Sports

    But Title IX has changed the atmosphere of college sports mostly, because colleges are forced to make women’s athletic scholarships equal to the number of men’s scholarships given out to athletes. d. Some may say that men’s sports are now being discriminated against because their programs have to cut teams and reduce the number of scholarships given out, and this is a major reason they think Title IX should be eliminated. e. Are there flaws in Title IX? Yes. I believe that they should add…

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  • What Role Do Student Athletes Play In College Essay

    This is especially true for division III athletes whose colleges have outrageous tuition but do not offer athletic scholarships and the academic cash is heavily contested. Their upper level brethren do not fare any better when on average on an average 150 man squad, just about half receive any aid at all let alone a full athletic scholarship. In other words some athletes are taken care of while others are not and this is a travesty. Here you have young men and women who put their bodies on the…

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  • Analysis: It's Time To Pay College Athletes

    cannot afford to pay a salary to an athlete. Athletic programs receive donations from past alumni and / or corporations, part of these donations help with the astronomically high costs of buying or maintenance of all athletic equipment, new renovations of existing buildings, or improving their stadium, such as what Auburn University did in 2015. They installed close to an 11,000-square foot, high definition screen…

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  • Synthesis Essay On Football

    Everywhere we look in American society, sports in educational environments are present. Nearly every school in the United States is infused with organized athletics. Teams are not independent of educational services provided by the government, resulting in controversial budget cuts and clashes between the objectives of sports and education. Football, one of the most popular sports in the country, is a school sport under attack for negative effects on student participants. It is the one sport…

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  • Should College Athletes Be Paid?

    have a choice of a good education. College athletics subsidies are covered through the athletic program of their school, which leaves these athletes free to attend school while making unfair amounts of money. Inclusively, these college athletes should not be paid because their cost of living is significantly cheaper. These students are strengthening their non-professional athletic ability, and should be focusing on their education instead. College athletes should not be paid because of their…

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