Pros And Cons Of Athletic Scholarships

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Some colleges are considering getting rid of athletic scholarships. Many athletes depend on these scholarships to be able to attend college and without these scholarships, furthering their education and reaching their athletic goals would be impossible. Scholarships are awarded for excelling in certain aspects of a student’s career, and athletics is a huge part of this for some students. While many think of academic standing as the main cause for awarding scholarships, high achievements in athletics should not be forgotten. These athletic scholarships are beneficial to students in several ways including higher performance levels academically and athletically, relieves the amount of debt for students to owe, relieves financial burdens from the families of students receiving the scholarships and using drug testing to help lower the amount of college students abusing drugs. I believe that athletic scholarships should always be awarded to serious athletes who commit themselves, not only in their chosen sports, but academically as well.

Across the United States, many families
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The Divisions I and II year-round programs test about 11,000 randomly selected student-athletes annually for anabolic agents, anti-estrogens, peptide hormones and analogues, diuretics, and other masking agents ( These drug tests are usually random and can ensure that the athletes awarded these scholarships do not abuse drugs. While some of these athletes may try to find loop holes around these drug tests, overall these athletic scholarships can reduce the number of students abusing different types of drugs. These drug tests ensure not only the safety of these athletes but also maintains the integrity of the sports being played and the reputation of the colleges or universities offering these

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