Essay Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Imagine you’re a college athlete that puts your body on the line and has had surgeries and medical bills are piling up, what do you do/ you’ve gotten a scholarship, but your scholarship money is very scarce and your parents have trouble paying your tuition, what do you do. College athletes are seen as athletes that are not always recognized for making their school’s sports program flow, not only are they going unrecognized they are doing it for free. When players get injured they go through extensive recovery therapy and surgeries that aren’t free, who pays for that? These athletes can not keep going unnoticed and surpassed. College athletes are basically living a double life, in the classroom then on the field,court or stadium whatever it may be.Therefore athletes should be paid to play while enrolled in school. This is necessary because many student’s parents can’t pay the money for their children to go to school. This is necessary because students would have less trouble finding the right living situation like living at home, in a dorm, or in their own apartment off campus. In addition, athletes put their hearts and souls into the game or sport that they love to do, but do not get rewarded by the sports program that they continue to sacrifice for. Furthermore, some students would not have to go to sleep hungry because they might not have extra …show more content…
Sometimes their hardest may not be as good as another’s so instead that other students get the scholarship while they are left to fend for themselves. So if college athletes can get paid money for playing, then it would stress their parents less about paying tuition. When parents have to pay tuition for their children to go to school they can possibly fall behind on bills and rent, important stuff like that. Therefore if schools pay the athletes then they can pay their own tuition, so the parents wouldn't have to

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