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  • Benefits Of Being An Athletic Trainer

    I love sports and sporting events. Athletic trainers get to travel with them team and stand on the field with the team. The team pays for everything the athletic trainer does. The team also buys the athletic trainers whole uniform which is generally a pair of really nice tennis shoes and a nice shirt with slacks. Being an athletic trainer will allow me to interact with the players. If I do athletic training on a professional level I will get to meet many cool and interesting pro athletes! I would basically be getting paid to do something I love in a fun exciting…

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  • Athletic Trainer

    blah blah … To be an athletic trainer for a team in the Olympic games is my ultimate, long term goal. Athletic training has been a part of my life for several years now but on the opposite side as an athlete. In high school I was a part of a dance company and on the high school dance team, dancing around forty plus hours a week which resulted in several injuries, because of these injuries I was able to get my first glimpse into the athletic training world. Now in college, I am working with the…

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  • Athletic Trainer Relationship

    coaches, and the fans. The athletic trainers know the athlete’s capability and what he can and cannot do . In addition the trainers have seen all types of injuries from a simple sprain to a major ACL tear in the knee. Also, they know how to treat and teach the patient how to successfully heal the injury as easy as possible. Even though coaches pressure the athletes to heal faster and get back on the field/court as soon as possible, they want their athletes to do their best at all times. Whenever…

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  • Essay On Athletic Trainer

    Imagine if you were an athletic trainer covering a youth football game and you watch an athlete collapse to floor lying motionless after going in for a tackle. Early on, I observed the previous situation unfold before my eyes while working alongside an athletic trainer. Seeing how an athletic trainer must be able to handle such a situation, while communicating to parents and coaches in a calm demeanor, made me realize this profession has something to offer few others entail. Throughout my time…

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  • Female Athletic Trainers

    The purpose of this study is to determine if male athlete perceptions of female athletic trainers affect their comfort levels with them during rehabilitation. Other purposes of the study were to determine the possible reasons male athletes can feel discomfort during rehabilitation. The representative sample that was used involved twenty collegiate male athletes enrolled in Kean University. A survey, checklist, and open ended question was given to the sample asking the male athletes…

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  • Importance Of An Athletic Trainer

    had finally decided to become an Athletic Trainer. An Athletic Trainer to me is just a permanent water girl. It does have a label but everyone has always told me “You’re just going to stay a water girl forever aren’t you?” But an Athletic Trainer is a healthcare professional that collaborates with a physician. Ever since I became a water girl I knew I had to do something with sports. Sports has always been a major benefactor in my life. From the time I was four till I was about twelve, I played…

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  • Essay On Athletic Trainers

    High school is almost over and my plan to join the workforce is rapidly approaching; So I can earn a decent amount of money so I may save for my college tuition I am already working at Garden Deli. This is not my dream job however. I hope to go to Ab -Tech for nursing, then continue to Lenoir-Rhyne University for a major in Athletic Training. I’ve always wanted to join the medical field because it’s a clean and sanitary job; Also I would love to help professional athletes recover from…

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  • Athletic Training Research Paper

    Research Paper An athletic trainers duty is to treat, diagnose, and prevent muscle and bone injuries (paraphrase). Athletic trainers are also known as athletic trainer certified (ATC). I have always loved sports and helping people even more so I knew being an athletic trainer was my calling. It is important to understand the education or training requirements, skills,or talents needed, salary and benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career when making the decision. Most athletic…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As An Athletic Trainer

    The health career I choose was an athletic trainer. The reason I choose this career is because I play sports and I would love to when i'm older be either playing a sport or teaching people how to play a sport or do something that has to do with a sport and if being an athletic trainer is the right thing for me I would love to be one. The typical responsibilities of a athletic trainer is to, Provide 1st aid and injury assessment/treatment/rehabilitation/reconditioning. The athletic trainer will…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Interview With An Athletic Trainer

    When deciding on who to interview for this assignment I could not think of any other person I would rather interview. Rene Ponsaa,10 year athletic trainer, is the reason I decided to pursue my Athletic Training degree at Southeastern and overall has just inspired me as a person. Trainer Rene graduated from Southeastern in 2005. When he originally came to college he had absolutely no idea what he wanted to do so that led him to stay in college for 8 years! His last three years he spent in the…

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