Athletic training

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  • Athletic Training Observation

    the invaluable opportunity to observe one of the Athletic Trainers at The University of Miami and see firsthand what it is like to work for a Division 1 athletic program. Many people never see what goes on behind the scenes in order for their favorite athletes to perform at the highest level during sporting events. Being in the Athletic Training Facility gave me this exposure and helped me to understand just how essential the role of the athletic trainer is for a program. I was able to apply the information that we covered in class in order to get a better understanding of why the Athletic Trainer made certain decisions in regards to their athletes’ health. Every moment I spent in the Athletic Training Facility,…

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  • A Career In Athletic Training

    Athletic Training is something that I have been interested in for quite a while. It requires a willingness to improve the body, health wise and strength wise. I have chosen this career field because it is something I like to do, and have been doing for a long time. Athletic Training also involves lifting weights and getting physically fit to improve our life and self-esteem. Athletic Training is something that anyone could do. A good benefit to Athletic Training would be the feeling of relief…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In Athletic Training

    Chris Linde stated “My job as an athletic trainer is to prevent injuries as much as possible. I also support with strengthening and conditioning, guidance in nutrition and sleeping, and I also make sure the playing area is safe”. When he was young, he always adored being around the athletic trainer. Subsequently being pushed to his limits and fighting through the pain, there was always someone to care for his aches, and pains. She gave him opinions on what to do when he was alone to prevent…

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  • Athletic Training Essay

    Most people today have seen on television during a sports game an Athletic Trainer run out to the field to assist an injured athlete. They are the first line of care during any emergency situation on the field when they are present. Many different athletic and even non-athletic settings employ Athletic Trainers for the different services they can provide. Athletic Trainers can provide more than just taping an ankle and applying ice. They also create rehabilitation programs, manage acute…

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  • Athletic Training Research Paper

    Research Paper An athletic trainers duty is to treat, diagnose, and prevent muscle and bone injuries (paraphrase). Athletic trainers are also known as athletic trainer certified (ATC). I have always loved sports and helping people even more so I knew being an athletic trainer was my calling. It is important to understand the education or training requirements, skills,or talents needed, salary and benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career when making the decision. Most athletic…

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  • Essay On Athletic Training

    Athletic Training Certified Athletic Trainers are very highly trained health professionals who are trained in preventing, diagnosing, managing and rehabilitating injuries that result from physical activity such as sports. Athletic Trainers can help you avoid unnecessary doctor visits and disruption to your normal daily life of working out and playing your sports. Athletic Training first came about during the 20th century during the Olympic Games. “The history of athletic training draws on the…

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  • Occupational Training: The History Of Athletic Training

    back to what you love. Competition.” This paper will cover the history of athletic training, occupational settings and what athletic trainers do in those settings, and the schooling it takes to become an athletic trainer. There is a lot of history about athletic training. Athletic training was common in ancient Greece times, when they had Olympics. (Peterson 274). Some common names of those “athletic trainers” were: Big Monk, Snapper, Scrap Iron, Kickapoo, Pinky, and Eddie Fast (Turner 218).…

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  • Athletic Training Philosophy Paper

    My professional philosophy for athletic training encompasses four main areas, which are the value of the profession, role of education, ethical behavior and relationship to others. I included these areas in my professional philosophy because I believe that they encompass aspects that help structure your actions and the manner in which you carry yourself. It is important to recognize the value of your profession as an athletic trainer and to embrace the variety of roles that you may take on.…

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  • Athletic Training: A Case Study

    Clement, D., Granquist, M. D., & Arvinen-Barrow, M. M. (2013). Psychosocial Aspects of Athletic Injuries as Perceived by Athletic Trainers. Journal of Athletic Training, 48(4), 512–521. Purpose: To obtain information from current athletic trainers about what they perceive as psychological reactions and coping mechanisms athletes present to them. To observe psychosocial strategies that athletic trainers use with their clients. To learn what psychosocial…

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  • Athletic Training Case Study Essay

    This case review involved a 19-year-old male football play who is currently a freshman in college. He came into the athletic training room complaining of right wrist pain. This athlete has had pain in this wrist for a couple of mouths and had only every taped the wrist two weeks prior to coming into the athletic training room for his first treatment. Even before coming in, he was able to do every drill or exercise at practice to completion. He only reported feeling pain during practice when he…

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