Benefits Of Being An Athletic Trainer

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Register to read the introduction… I love sports and sporting events. Athletic trainers get to travel with them team and stand on the field with the team. The team pays for everything the athletic trainer does. The team also buys the athletic trainers whole uniform which is generally a pair of really nice tennis shoes and a nice shirt with slacks. Being an athletic trainer will allow me to interact with the players. If I do athletic training on a professional level I will get to meet many cool and interesting pro athletes! I would basically be getting paid to do something I love in a fun exciting …show more content…
The National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA) first met in Kansas City! About 200 athletic trainers from the United States, Japan, and Canada got together to discuss their career and the future of it. The need for athletic trainers was first recognized in the 20th century during the Olympic Games. It was then again recognized when football became full fledged and the need for personal trainers became greater. (
With all these contacts sports going on the need for personal trainers rose to an all time high. Before there were athletic trainers the coaches and players tried to take care of each other. This did not work however because the coaches and players were not certified to take care of each other and didn't know the first thing about treating an injury that was major or minor. The players weren’t being provided with good professional help. This was extremely dangerous for their
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Sometime during the 1970s this specific curriculum came to be. Later in 1982 athletic training officially became a major for college students! In 2008 about 39% of all athletic trainers were now working in schools and universities. Now most all NCCA (National College Athletic Association) sports have their own athletic trainers as well as high schools.
To become an athletic trainer you must graduate high school and go to college. Once in college you must complete your core classes in order to take the courses dealing with athletic training. The minimum degree an athletic trainer can have is a bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degrees only take about two years. However, most people complete that of a graduate’s or master’s degree to become an athletic trainer. A bachelor's degree takes two years to complete, and a master's degree takes 4 years to complete. Over 70 percent of athletic trainers have a master’s degree when they complete college!

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