Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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College athletes should not be paid. The only type of method a college athlete should be paid in is through their education. As a result, these athletes have a choice of a good education. College athletics subsidies are covered through the athletic program of their school, which leaves these athletes free to attend school while making unfair amounts of money. Inclusively, these college athletes should not be paid because their cost of living is significantly cheaper. These students are strengthening their non-professional athletic ability, and should be focusing on their education instead.
College athletes should not be paid because of their cost of living is cheaper. The school pays for living quarters on basic campus traveling gas, money,
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This is why athletes should not be paid. Meaning, college athletes should focus on studying academics, rather than practing on the field. In addition, they can stay in school and keep their academics up for 4 years toward their degree (Cooper). Subsequently, the National Basketball Association and National College Athletes Association requires this from the athletes. In order to be drafted, they must fulfill these requirements. One: attend a university for at least 1 year or 4 years. Two: Have a major and a minor of academics that you chose. Three: Must have finish high school with football scholarship. Students athletes have to learn they have to work extra hard to reach the pros. Although, with endurance and lots of practice and training and hard work in football, basketball, soccer, swimming and volleyball colleges athletes might see their athletic dream come to past one …show more content…
Meaning, the payment to college students would drastically separate the athletes and the students. In addition, athletes are attending school on a sport scholarship, while being paid to the sport they are practicing. It does not make sense to pay athletes more money, especially if we are not going to pay students equally for being students. This affects the athlete’s character and how they behave, and eventually after practicing, athletes may go out to play the game professionally. Some college students argue about the athletes’ college amenities and scholarships and gifts they receive. They agree the scholarships are compensation for student athletes. Students have it financially harder than college athletes for a 4-year institution. Their debt is $32,528 for a college graduate who is a non-athlete” (Stated Daily Local). College students believe college athletes are supposed to learn in school and grow as an individual and prepare you for life and be responsible on the field as well as off the field. Students see college athletes as another student in the classroom. Once you start trying to pay college athletes money it will separate the student body from the college athletes. The college student would be grateful if he or she could be without financial hardship for 4 years like college athletes. Subsequently, there are students that feel that a free education is worth more than money it is worth a

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